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ESU has launched its official Plan of Work (POW) for 2009, outlining a comrpehensive series of priorities to steer the organisation over the next 12 months. The 2009 POW is all about working ‘For a Stronger Student Movement’ and focuses on four main external priorities and a chapter on internal development. The four key external… » read more

As (somewhat) anticipated, Russia reduced the flow of gas to Ukraine on New Year’s Day because of ongoing disputes over prices for 2009 and unpaid bills. However, unlike the briefer affair in 2006, this spat has evolved into a full-scale crisis with news today that Russia has cut off gas to Europe entirely (see my… » read more

The first real Central European presidency, leaving aside tiny Slovenia’s debut, will be a good opportunity to turn the attention of the Union to the Eastern borders. The Czech foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg started off with floating the idea to detach the issue of Serbian membership from the case of war criminal suspect General Mladic.… » read more

I was reading Laurent’s post What does it mean to become human?, but it was so long that I skipped to the end, illustrating exactly the point I wanted to make in this post. Laurent writes, amongst other things, about interiority: the capacity to reflect upon ourselves, others and the world, the whole of reality… » read more

In the end, only one amendment matters: number 146. In a departure from normal Parliamentary procedure, ALL the changes to the new directive, both by Council and by Parliament, are bundled into one single compromise amendment. The same applies to the other elements of the package, but unless requested I shall not post here. While… » read more

“Booming Global Obesity Drug Market”, our latest research on the obesity market, states that the prevalence of obesity is increasing globally at alarming rates. Obesity drugs market has shown a radical growth in recent times but in contrast, the market for weight loss drugs has failed to match this growth. By 2012, it’s expected that… » read more

What does it mean to “become human”? A tribute to François Vassart and Rudyard Kipligng out of a few reflections on “the world’s most dangerous idea”, Transhumanism In his 2002 book “Our Posthuman Future” and in a 2004 Foreign Policy magazine article, political economist and philosopher Francis Fukuyama designates Transhumanism the “world’s most dangerous idea”… » read more

The European Council Meeting 11. and 12. December has overshadowed everything else worth reporting from Brussels. It was the most complex EC Meeting ever, with three very difficult subjects on the agenda: the future of the Lisbon Treaty, the economic recovery package and the climate package. On all three counts, the French Presidency has been… » read more

UK electric car company Nice has gone into administration amid reports that electric car sales in the first 9 months of the year have fallen more than 50% compared with last year, selling only 156 cars. Though they are much… Original post by Debra

In recent decades Corporate Social Responsibility has turned out to be a vital strategy for companies to improve their existence in society and the environment. Being a complete business behavior it aims to ensure the long-term viability of business by assuming an active role in the development of the community, the economy and the environment… » read more

Today I was searching some information about Transnistria – aka Pridnestrovie – and found a probably official web-portal of this not recognized state. Originally Transnistria called my attention first because its quite ready statehood elements without outside recognition, second because of changed circumstances in respect for international law after Kosovo unilateral declaration of independence and… » read more

we have moved!

sunday 14.12.2008www.blogulmare.eu is the new address where U can read euromaniac stuff in future as well! hope to see U there one day!hans hedrich Original post by euromania

Joint press statement by WWF, Greenpeace, CAN, Friends of the Earth and Oxfam on the outcome of the European Council on Friday. Original post by markjohnston

Negotiations on all remain elements of the climate-energy package were completed on Saturday during a series of trialog meetings between representatives of Parliament and Council. For details, see EP press notice here. Each of these informal agreements will be formally signed-off by Parliament next Wednesday and by Council in due course. Original post by markjohnston

These politcal agreements reach yesterday in Council are now being transposed into the legal texts for the next stages, particularly Parliament plenary next week. Original post by markjohnston

This Martin Rowson cartoon, about Ireland and the Lison Treaty, also reminds me of ETS agreement reached in Council yesterday, particularly German’s plan to give auction revenue back to utilities (up to 15% investment aid) to build new coal-fired power stations without CCS. (Ref Article 10(3a)(new), printed in Annex 5 of the ‘final elements’ paper.)… » read more

On 14th Nov. 2008 a bomb planted at the office of the European Union Special Representative was detonated in Pristina, Kosovo. Three officers of Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) – Foreign Intelligence service of Germany – were arrested. The three agents – despite protestations from Berlin and the BND of their innocence – spent 10 days in detention.… » read more

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