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The world of internet marketing has been changing – again – over the last few weeks. New rules in the US will begin to have an impact on the way that products and services are described online. I’m not a lawyer and don’t pretend to be one, so this is not legal advice. Instead, I… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘G8 pledges sustainability in food security drive‘: Your article highlights the urgent need to raise agricultural productivity. The G8’s forecast corroborates the trend experts have anticipated for some time: global demand is exceeding growth in global supply. Moreover, we have limited time in which to double the fruit, vegetables and grains that we… » read more

C’est Le Progrès qui nous l’apprend: Jean-Noël Barrot, le fils de Jacques, vice-président de la Commission européenne, figurera sur la liste de Jean-Pierre Audy, dans la région Massif-Centre. Un premier débat est même prévu mercredi à l’université de Clermont-Ferrand. Le jeune homme sera confronté à Jean Barrat (DlR), Jean-Marie Beaupuy (MoDem), Henri Weber (PS), Jean-Paul… » read more

After much horse-trading between the continental Europeans and the Anglo-Saxons, the G20 Summit in London has ended with an “almost historic compromise” (Angela Merkel). Known for their reluctance to regulate financial markets and to rein in hedge-funds or rating agencies, the American and British teams at the summit were coaxed by the Sarkozy-Merkel team to… » read more

EDRi-gram 7.6

Telecom Package in second reading – dangerous amendments Extension of copyright term postponed in the European Parliament German Police searches the homes of the wikileaks.de domain owner Data sharing legislation pulled by the UK government France: Three strikes law debated by the General Assembly European Parliament wants more transparency on ACTA Germany: Data retention is… » read more

At the Forum for the Future of Agriculture (see previous posts below), we spoke to Ariel Brunner, BirdLife International’s EU Agriculture Policy Officer, about the importance of farmers having the right knowledge when applying technology, and the ways in which farmers can acquire this knowledge (he talks about training, incentives and regulation). He highlights that,… » read more

Wednesday 4th March, 17:00, the European Parliament. The PES Group in the EP are about to hold an evening roundtable discussion on gender equality to mark International Women’s Day. The event features an impressive panel of progressive European politicians and women’s rights campaigners, including PES Women President Zita Gurmai. The guest of honour is the… » read more

On 15th December 2008, Montenegro presented its official application for EU membership to French President Nicolas Sarkozy (presiding EU at that time), hoping to win EU candidate country status during 2009. On the occassion, EU enlargement commissioner Olli Rehn welcomed the move and stated ”Today Montenegro has reached a historical milestone marking the country’s important… » read more

Several MEPs are hosting an event at lunchtime tomorrow, Tuesday 3 March, in the European Parliament, to consider CO2 emission performance standards in the context of the new Industrial Emisssions (IPPC) Directive (IED). Details are contained in this poster and in these amendments. The new IED regime will see the merger of the 1996 IPPC… » read more

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