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The worldwide New Green Deal is becoming a reality. Global revenues from all climate-related businesses are now worth a stunning $530 billion. It could even exceed $2 trillion by 2020. In Europe 3.4 million jobs are already directly related to the low carbon economy, compared to 2.8 million jobs in polluting industries. Climate change has… » read more

How to read EU blogs?

A novelty has appeared in the European blogosphere: bloggingportal.eu. As they themselves put it, it could become a “new way to read blogs about EU affairs”. The blogaggregator syndicates the content from currently 278 blogs about Europe and the European Union in as many languages as possible. By also structuring and rating the different posts… » read more

The European Assocation for Eurocrats (EAE) today issued a Press Directive strongly condemning the process by which David ?erný’s Entropa is selected. Divad Ynrec, spokesman of the AEA today stated that ‘Entropa is a dangerous violation of the requirements laid out in the opinions published by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) on… » read more

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