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Sir, Regarding ‘EU to overhaul GM crop approval system‘: The European Coordination Via Campesina is dismayed at the proposal of the European Commission to restructure decision-making processes between the EU and member states, which will result in more GM crops being grown and used in Europe. The Commission’s proposal to allow countries to implement strict… » read more

To those unfamiliar with the arcane workings of the CAP it may seem strange that the French government supports its farm organisations in favouring the reduction of guaranteed income subsidies – even as a quid pro quo for greater market support and protection. Surely a substantial dab in the hand for doing nothing is worth… » read more

Welfare for fat-cat farmers

This is rich. The US Congress is writing a fresh agricultural support bill. Brave Democrat Congresswoman Amy Klobuchar wants to restrict farm subsidies to farmers with incomes below $750,000. Even with the dollar in free fall that’s hardly poverty stricken. Our compassionate Nanny in Chief the Bush man wants to cap government largesse to farmers… » read more

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