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The demand to transfer powers from the EU back to the national level is politically en-vogue in several EU Member States at the moment. EU policy on agricultural biotechnology, however, is an interesting exception. The Council of Ministers has recently deadlocked[1] a Commission legislative proposal to re-nationalise parts of EU legislation on the cultivation of… » read more

“The future of food security on the current trajectory is a road to nowhere, and to repeat the statistics that we need to grow 50-70% more food without answering the questions, on what land, with which water and with what kind of seed diversity, is a discussion that merits much greater attention,” said Achim Steiner,… » read more

Farm land prices throughout Europe have increased massively in the last two decades. The most dramatic increase has been in the UK where the price of a hectare of farmland has increased threefold in the last ten years. Critics of the EU’s agricultural and rural policies tend to argue that the cause of this is… » read more

End of the bad old CAP?

The end of what might be described as the bad old common agricultural policy based on expensively rigged markets was recently marked by what should be the final removal of export subsidies on agricultural commodities. For over fifty years these subsidies have been a major mechanism for maintaining high farm prices in the European Union.… » read more

The European Parliament’s somewhat frenzied concern about the possible indirect land use change (ILUC) resulting from EU biofuel policies is a splendid example of the phenomenon of unintended consequences. While acting on the basis of some pretty questionable science, the MEPs are constructing a new form of protectionism which is likely to damage the interests… » read more

Ten years after the outbreak of violence in Darfur, the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO) is providing vital support to WFP’s work helping families escape hunger. Food distributions to people forced from their homes and nutritional assistance to mothers and young children are just a few ways that support makes an impact. For more… » read more

An endless refrain of British Governments over the decades has been the need to reform the Common Agricultural Policy, usually delivered above a continuo of the need to make economies in the running of the European Union. It would be logical to deduce therefore that whenever the opportunity to improve the efficiency and the economic… » read more

While the EU’s future common agricultural policy is taking shape in Brussels, it’s not just there that major agri-business interests are flexing their muscles to take the ‘green-ness’ out of EU agricultural spending. Interview with Estonian EU funds campaigner Triinu Vaab, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog As negotiations on the EU budget for 2014-2020 grind… » read more

Nutrition for Growth

As leaders of the G8 nations prepare to meet in London for their annual summit, a high-level meeting on Nutrition will be co-hosted by the UK, the Government of Brazil and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation. This summit, which kicks-off on Saturday 8th, will bring together business leaders, scientists, governments and civil society to make… » read more

The proposal to address the issue of indirect land use change (ILUC) in European biofuel policy has advanced in the European Parliament, as MEP Corinne Lepage of France released her draft report in the Environment Committee. ILUC refers to unintended consequences of making biofuels—for example, if a policy preference for corn ethanol creates incentives for… » read more

This month, a WFP-EU photo exhibition on ‘Building Resilience’ is on show at Dublin Airport. The focus of this exhibition is the link between climate change, nutrition and hunger. These photos tell the stories of the challenges faced by some of the world’s most vulnerable people as they struggle to feed their families while adapting… » read more

The kick off momentum of the process which resulted this ad-hoc alliance has very likely started at the end of January with the controversial vote of the AGRI Committee of the European Parliament which unfortunately watered down all the promising elements of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform put forward by the Commission. The Council… » read more

By Brian Gardner It seems inevitable that the current drive to reform European agriculture policy as part of the 2014-20 budget re-vamp is likely to be a great opportunity missed. The deliberations of the Commission, Parliament and Council are leading on to a massive over-complication of the policy. The potpourri of social, environmental and production… » read more

A Bankwatch competition for ideas for EU funds investments that benefit the sustainable development of European communities could offer inspiration for EU and national decision makers. At the final award ceremony in Brussels, the winners told us about their ideas and how EU funding could benefit their countries. Posted on the Bankwatch blog by Patrycja… » read more

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