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The political pressures are building as we approach the next reform of Europe’s common agricultural policy. The European Commission will finalise its detailed proposals for the future of the CAP in the summer, with a view to decisions in 2012. Of course the budget issue already looms large, with President Sarkozy insisting that the EU… » read more

This story about EU farm policy was published on 19th November 2010. The European Commission yesterday (18 November) unveiled its blueprint for reforming the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), proposing to increase subsidies to smaller East European farmers and to link direct payments to environmental and food security goals. The EU executive says payments to… » read more

For the past 50 years European farmers have benefited from an exceptional set of protection and subsidies. No other group of society, with the exception of coal miners, has ever been so pampered through guaranteed prices and, in the last 15 years, direct subsidies from the EU budget. From 1995 to 2010, the cumulative budget… » read more

This story about GM crops was published by EurActiv on 28th September 2010. The European Commission’s plans to hand over to member states the power to ban or authorise genetically modified (GM) crops were strongly criticised by key EU governments at an Agriculture Council yesterday (27 September). All the EU’s heavyweights opposed proposals put forward… » read more

This story about a French farmer school was published by EurActiv on 23rd September 2010. A regional body in northern France has developed a scheme for those interested in creating a farming business. But despite its popularity, its creators face persistent proble A classroom at Rethel Agricultural College in the French Ardennes for the first… » read more

This story about farm waste was published by EurActiv on 23rd September 2010. Collecting agricultural residues could prove a lucrative business for Europe’s farming sector if EU policy were to offer the right incentives for using biomass to produce biofuels. Harvesting agricultural residues that are normally left to rot in fields and turning them into… » read more

This story about agriculture market subsidies was published by EurActiv on 22nd September 2010. As farmers receive an ever smaller share of their income from sales of food products, making them dependent on subsidies, EU politicians suggest strengthening their bargaining power in the food supply chain and increasing their income from the market. Although prices… » read more

This story about CAP reform priorities was published by EurActiv on 21st September 2010. While the future budget of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is still unclear, growing rhetoric around the concepts of “public goods” and “green growth” suggest that at least some of the money could be shifted to protecting the environment and boosting… » read more

This story about CAP reform was published by EurActiv on 20th September 2010. Looking in the future, large recipient countries like France will have no choice but to accept a partial re-nationalisation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) or otherwise risk paying hefty hand-outs to Eastern EU farmers, says Jack Thurston, co-founder of an NGO… » read more

On the 6th September over 150 delegates are expected to attend the year’s second Regional Forum for the Future of Agriculture in Moscow. Important political leaders such as former EU Agriculture Commissioner, Franz Fischler, and Paolo De Castro (Chairman of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee), will join Russian Minister of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik, and President… » read more

This story about the future of EU farm policy was published by EurActiv on 19th July 2010. After an initial contribution by the European Parliament, Brussels will play host to a major stakeholder debate on the future of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on Monday and Tuesday. A conference organised by the European Commission… » read more

This story about a possible EU ban on cloning for food was published by EurActiv on 8th July 2010. The European Parliament reiterated its opposition to meat and milk produced from cloned animals yesterday (7 July), piling pressure on the European Commission to ban food produced in this way. Voting on Wednesday, the Parliament reaffirmed… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘EU to overhaul GM crop approval system‘: The European Coordination Via Campesina is dismayed at the proposal of the European Commission to restructure decision-making processes between the EU and member states, which will result in more GM crops being grown and used in Europe. The Commission’s proposal to allow countries to implement strict… » read more

After the Forum for the Future of Agriculture which took place in Brussels on March 16 went ahead with great success, it is now taken abroad – again – as sub-events are being organised in Budapest, Moscow, and with an outlook to Marrakesh. The events, held under the auspices of the FFA2010, have a strong… » read more

To those unfamiliar with the arcane workings of the CAP it may seem strange that the French government supports its farm organisations in favouring the reduction of guaranteed income subsidies – even as a quid pro quo for greater market support and protection. Surely a substantial dab in the hand for doing nothing is worth… » read more

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