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This post about the future of EU farm policy was published by EurActiv on 13th April 2010. In his first exchange of views with the European Parliament on the reform of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolo? highlighted farmers’ potential to deliver the bloc’s new economic strategy for 2020. The reformed… » read more

Xavier Bourgeois, young farmer and a member of Agribrussels explains some of the issues facing farmers in Europe. European citizens are uninterested in supporting European Bio and Green farmers, making their purchases based only on cost rather than the more ecologically-friendly choices available through local farms.

Within the different panel sessions of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture 2010, the audience was involved in the ongoing debate on the politics and economics of food vs. climate change. Live voting devices provided the possibility for the audience’s views to be integrated into the discussions. We voted on the following questions with… » read more

Agriculture attracts…

Over 800 people have registered to participate in discussions and debates on political and economic issues surrounding the future of farming. The Forum for the Future of Agriculture 2010 (FFA 2010) which is taking place next Tuesday, March 16 from 8.45am-17.30pm, has attracted an unexpectedly large amount of interest. A wide range of topics will… » read more

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