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The new Barroso Commission has wasted no time in grasping the GMO nettle, after years of delay and obfuscation. It is authorising the cultivation and use of Amflora, a new genetically modified potato for industrial use, while at the same time working on a policy which will allow individual member states to forbid the cultivation… » read more

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation has clearly had second thoughts on livestock production’s contribution to environmental degradation and climate change. In its report ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow’ published four years ago it uncompromisingly blamed the world’s beef, dairy, pig, poultry and sheep producers for making a major and too often unnecessary contribution to AGHG emissions… » read more

MEP Mairead McGuinness on the Provision of Environmental Public Goods by Farmers Farm produced commodities fuel the food industry; provide jobs and feed EU consumers, in addition to providing unpaid for public goods in terms of the environment and animal welfare. ” Farming in Europe is about more than just growing and selling. Here, farmers… » read more

This year’s exceptional line-up of internationally renowned experts has attracted a large number of registrants from all across the globe. Exactly one month before the Forum is being held, the number of expected participants has already climbed beyond 500. The intriguing mixture of economists, scientists and policy makers will be discussing food security and climate… » read more

Let’s WWOOF!

Author: Lea Linin WWOOF, the emphatic cry you let out, the point when you realize you have found the animal within, suffering from the overexposure to copious amounts of fresh air after spending some time on a remote farm you can pick and choose from the wide range of the most remote and […]

Confirmed for the FFA2010!

The FFA2010 is proud to announce the confirmation of two exceptional additional speakers. Alexander Sarris, Director of the Trade and Markets Division, of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Josep Puxeu, Secretary General of the Spanish Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, will join us in debates… » read more

This year, the Forum for Agriculture FFA2010 adds another column to its event: the Student Forum. Students from leading schools across Europe are invited to join the FFA2010 with their own panel of renowned experts from the Forum. Pressing issues for the farmers and policy makers of tomorrow include: Farm productivity & competitiveness… Climate change…… » read more

Anyone hoping that the trade ministers meeting in the margins of the Davos World Economic Forum would lead to an early regeneration of the Doha Round of trade talks is likely to be disappointed. While ministers of twenty three of the World Trade Organisation’s member countries did commit themselves to resuming the talks and to… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘MEPs want farm policy to ease climate change‘: The ambition to make the CAP more climate friendly is commendable. The EP draft report, presented by Stéphane Le Foll, has clearly recognised the challenge to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from agriculture and to increase carbon storage in the soil. However, one must not… » read more

The UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Agriculture and Food for Development has recently published a report “Why No Thought for Food?” criticising the Department for International Development for its underinvestment in agriculture. The report addresses the link between food security and peace and prosperity, particularly with reference to the economically underdeveloped sub-Saharan Africa,… » read more

The rash of recent reports highlighting the issues of European farming and the environment, European farming and climate change and the pressure of population and urban growth on farmed land all concentrate attention on the basic dilemma of European agriculture policy development. The challenge can be reduced to one question: how to get more for… » read more

Forum for the Future of Agriculture presents the 2010 conference – Mark Titterington, European Public Affairs Director at Syngenta and Thierry de l’Escaille, CEO and Secretary General at the European Landowners Organization introduce the upcoming FFA2010. To register for the event, please follow instructions on www.forumforagriculture.com. We look forward to your participation!

The following article has been published by EurActiv.com on 25th November 2009. While agriculture and food production have long been considered untouchable in international climate talks, calls to make the sector contribute to greenhouse gas mitigation efforts have been growing louder. Food is strategic and agricultural production is a vital sector of many national economies. Yet,… » read more

If you want a flavour of the political challenges we face in dealing with global climate change, then take a look at European fisheries. It’s a disaster area! We should heed the warnings it sends. For year after year political expediency has triumphed over the evident need for drastic action to save a vital resource… » read more

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