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The discussions on France’s handling of the Roma’s expulsions are still ongoing. What is for certain is that in the future, governments would avoid making certain mistakes. France is not the only country having stygmatised Europe’s largest minority. Last year Italy conducted a fingerprinting campaign focusing on Romas, but avoided any criticism from the (previous)… » read more

Belgium last week took one step closer to becoming the first European country to outlaw the burqa, the Islamic veils that completely hide a woman’s face. Over the week-end, MEP Silvana Koch-Mehrin (ALDE, Germany) called for a Europe-wide ban on the burqa because covering women, as she said, “openly supports values that we do […]

Tomorrow, 8 April, the world celebrates International Roma Day[1]. The European Roma Policy Coalition (ERPC)[2] is taking an active part in these celebrations and highlights on this occasion the important cultural diversity which the Roma, Sinti and Traveller communities bring to the European Union. But these celebrations are also an opportunity to remind citizens and… » read more

ENAR has issued a Memorandum putting forward a seven-point call for action for the Slovenian Presidency to act upon when implementing its priorities in the fields of anti-discrimination and anti-racism. It calls on the Presidency to put the fight against racism at the heart of its commitments. ENAR in particular believes that the following actions… » read more

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