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What happened to Montenegro? The tiny country who declared independence in 2006. looked so bright and progressive. It was called „Balkan tiger“ by many local analysts and politicans. Now, its struggling with problems. And this may be just the begining. The current political leadership (transferred from Communist Party into Democratic Pary of Socialists) leads the… » read more

We ask that Universities be freed from rules of competition. Set in 2000, the Lisbon Agenda sets the terms of the European Research Area (ERA). The recently updated objectives are designed to build a common market for knowledge, at the service of a single economic initiative. But it is a culture of knowledge where research… » read more

Riding the Wave

China is not an exception to the world order as no other counrtry is. This is one of the hard –hitting lessons of the recent financial crisis. There is a big market for the Western –bashers who thinks that the Western world is declining and rising stars on the horizon like China would define the… » read more

Several American medias reported about the strange meeting that John McCain had in Montenegro, during his visit in 2006. Extracts from the Nation magazine: In mid-September The Nation’s website published a photo of McCain celebrating his seventieth birthday in Montenegro in August 2006 at a yacht party hosted by convicted Italian felon Raffaello Follieri and… » read more

Most of you heard that Montenegro (together with Macedonia) recognized independence of Kosovo. Montenegro has actually, just one day before recognition, supported Serbia in the UN security council, in order to reconsider Kosovo issue in front of the International Court of Justice. By doing this, Montenegro supported its “ex-big brother” Serbia, and yet, just one… » read more

Dear friends and colleagues, This blog aims to follow important events about Montenegro and to present some of the positive and negative aspects of Montenegrin integration process into European Union. I noticed that Montenegrin bloggers rarely write in English about politics and future of their country, so I decided to join EU Blogosphere and offer… » read more

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