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A guide to home solar panels

Whether you are interested in installing solar panels for your home or looking into a commercial solar photovoltaic power plant, before commencing on such an investment you need to identify what your project entails and assess its financial viability. Herein we provide some essential advice on making such an assessment of solar panels for your… » read more

A message for the new year

In the final days of December, one finds oneself looking back at the year that has all but ended and looking ahead to the year that is about to begin. For those of us working in Sustainable Development, this involves reviewing 2012’s disappointing outcomes at the climate negotiations and anticipating the growing problems our planet… » read more

Intermittency of wind and solar energy are considered as major obstacles to the use of renewable energy: how to avoid power cuts during night or winter when there is neither wind nor sunshine? One answer are transnational grids, assuming that there will always be sunshine or wind in a broader geographical area. That is certainly… » read more

The resource efficiency agenda aims at merging two narratives that at times were perceived as opposing each other: economic growth and environmental protection. Indicators need to make for a compelling joint narrative. Accordingly, resource efficiency indicators must be based on a clear definition of the system under evaluation. Indicators to evaluate overall (national) resource consumption/… » read more

US Solar photovoltaic (PV) market is healthy and booming, with Solar energy installations expected to grow further in 2012. According to the US Solar Market Insight report for 2011 and the GMT Research, US solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations have more than doubled, compared to previous year, reaching a peak capacity of 1.85 GW within the… » read more

The Polish government has a sad reputation for adopting unilateral, even obscure approaches when it comes to our country’s energy policy. What now came as a very disappointing surprise is that the Polish parliament joined the opportunistic chorus of denial – one that considers alternatives to the continued reliance on fossil fuels as a threat… » read more

The figures for 2011 are now compiled and show the per capita carbon dioxide is now 2.7 tons of carbon dioxide less compared to the 1993 levels. Their goal is to reduce it to 55% by 2015 and by 100% by 2030. I asked one of the responsible civil servants in Växjö administration how they… » read more

By our latest blogger ClientEarth The EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) was adopted last week by the EU Council, a package of mandatory measures the EU claims could help cut energy consumption by 20% and save €50 billion a year.It is hoped the directive, approved by all Council members except Finland, Spain and Portugal, will… » read more

Energy Storage is key for Renewable Energy Sources’ penetration into power generation. Renewable Energy Sources (RES) have become of particular importance in the establishment of green, environmentally friendly applications; thus they constitute a crucial piece of the puzzle for achieving global environmental, economical and social/political sustainability. However, we find that not all energy potential of… » read more

When we talk about renewable energy sources (RES), we define them as replenishable energy sources freely available by nature, such as solar energy – solar energy facts, wind energy, biomass/biofuel energy, water energy and geothermal energy. To exploit renewable energy sources and be able to use them as an alternative source to the finite energy… » read more

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