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The power market has been shaped through-out the years of technological movement and the transient environmental and other challenges. Power generation is one main area of the global energy needs. In consideration of the global environmental challenges, especially at current times of unprecedented political and socio-economical instability threatening nations worldwide, the need for radical and… » read more

After one year of intensive consultations with auto makers, unions, consumer and environmental groups and energy experts the US government has finalised its 2025 fuel efficiency standards for passenger cars and light trucks. By 2025 the average fuel consumption will be half of today’s values, 4.3 litre/100 km compared to more than 8 litre today.… » read more

With winter season of 2012-2013 coming closer, “Gazprom” has started to show a more rigid position in relation to certain European consumers of Russian gas. Bringing into service of the Nord Stream gas pipeline provided Russia with additional dividends in negotiation processes with transit countries and consumers. And first of all, it has to do… » read more

After months of negotiations, the EED-eal, agreed on Wednesday evening (13 June) by EU negotiators, aimed to cut down Europe’s energy consumption by 20%, but after negotiations the target will be set at 17% by 2020. When the directive becomes law? After the vote in the ITRE Committee (due to take place in July), the… » read more

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