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Guest post by Elena Gerebizza – Today concludes the Danish EU Presidency’s informal meeting of energy and environment ministers, where Commissioners for Environment Janez Potocnik, for Climate action Connie Hedegaard and for Energy Günther Oettinger gathered to discuss how best to orient the bloc’s environment and energy policies to ensure a ‘greener Europe to help… » read more

Member States are rightly shunned by their peers for getting creative with budget deficit figures. So why is there so much support from national governments to apply the same methods to the EU’s draft Energy Efficiency Directive? Leaked documents from European Council meetings show that at least 12 out of 27 Member States are seeking… » read more

Our life style impacts the environment! Humanity’s environmental footprint has been deepening rapidly in the past decades placing our generation, and the ones to come, in great environmental risks and ‘ecological debts’ requiring immediate actions. The uncontrollable exploitation of natural resources in a continuous industrial, technological and structural development that has been proved ‘unsustainable’, have… » read more

By Richard Dick – President of Orgalime, the European engineering industries association Can we please stop considering industry as a ‘dirty’ word? For too long now, industry (and in particular the European engineering industry) has not been given credit where credit’s due. Orgalime, the European engineering industries association indirectly represents (through our national associations) some… » read more

On February 10th 2012, Total, one of the three giant European oil and gas companies, has announced that it will scrap its nuclear ambitions and focus instead on gas and solar for complementing its huge and flourishing oil business. This is good news for several reasons. It will make Total`s business more sustainable by putting… » read more

Maritime transport accounts for about three per cent of global C02 emissions, as much as air transport. In the absence of an effective international jurisdiction both transport modes have so far escaped an effective curb of their emissions. This situation will change after a decision taken by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) July 15th 2011.… » read more

In 10 years Germany will have to do without nuclear power, which contributed 20 per cent to German electricity supply in 2010. Will Germany replace nuclear power essentially through coal and gas; or will it be able to make a big leap forward towards renewables and higher energy efficiency? Six months after the German parliament… » read more

Editor’s note: The latest fashion in the debate on the energy efficiency directive is to call for energy intensity targets (i.e. the number of units of energy used to create a unit of GDP) instead of the established 20% reduction in energy consumption. It is important to be aware of the vested interests behind this… » read more

Bricks and mortar

Picture this: the doorbell rings and you aren’t expecting visitors.There’s a bright eyed boy standing outside with ‘salesman’ written all over him. Thank goodness, you don’t see any of the outward signs of the zealous evangelist. No short sleeved white shirt with a name tag, no brochure-laden black rucksack. Besides, they always travel in pairs.… » read more

Don’t buy an electric car!

If you care about the environment, don’t buy an electric car. I have just spent some time in the Great State of Michigan, and while the enthusiasm for electric cars there is palatable, the conversations I have had with people in the field have not been reassuring. Bottom line: if you care about the environment,… » read more

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