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Sense and Sensibility

“We shouldn’t invest in energy efficiency because it’s bad for economic growth”, claims Markus Pieper, MEP. All right, he was speaking in German and maybe the EU Parliament’s interpreters were having a tough day. But they can’t have got it completely wrong. He did say saving energy is a bad thing. What an unhelpful remark.… » read more

Power Games

How could anyone not wish to cut their energy bill? If like us you’re struggling on a measly NGO salary you would jump at the chance of lower bills. So would everybody with a grain of common sense. It means more money for – for what actually? We asked around. If your energy bill was… » read more

The truth about light bulbs

The sale of 60 watt incandescent light bulbs is banned in the UK from today, as part of an EU-wide strategy. A report on the BBC website was accompanied by a comment from a shopkeeper: “This is not a democracy, it’s becoming like a dictatorship, ordering you to do this, do that. You should have… » read more

It’s a summer whodunit. The European Commission’s Energy Efficiency Directive has been public since June 22. But why was the headline policy – an obligation on power companies to cut customers’ energy use – so abruptly dropped from the final text? Commissioner Oettinger and DG Energy had already overruled internal analyses showing that only binding… » read more

Igor Kocis is one of the members of Geothermania’s team. But at the same time, he is the member of the Board at AGEO – Agency for Geothermal Power Engeneering as well as co-founder and CEO at Geothermal Anywhere, Slovak-based technology company focusing on technologies of ultra deep drilling. Geothermania’s Igor and Michal talk about… » read more

In view of the stalemate on climate legislation in the Senate President Obama has instructed the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to prepare executive regulations for capping green house gas emissions from automobiles, trucks, refineries, power plants and major industrial emitters. These measures are designed to enter into force in early 2011 if no legislation has… » read more

The V4+ Energy Summit held in Budapest on 24-26 February ended in a joint declaration signed by the V4 plus Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, and the perspective member state Croatia (along with Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina). If these countries show such unity as they had in the March 2009 economic crisis summit, it can put a… » read more

Less than two months after the Copenhagen Climate Conference Congress the US Administration has taken three major decisions on its future energy policy: • A 10 percent increase of its nuclear capacity President Obama has signed an $ 8 billion loan guarantee for the first two new nuclear reactors to be built in 30 years.… » read more

Under the Spanish Presidency, EU plans to draft a European strategy to address the obstacles facing their implementation. This strategy could be adopted during next spring. The Spanish EU Presidency presented a discussion paper that puts forward several issues for discussion by the delegations. AVERE and Going-Electric congratulate the Spanish EU Presidency for this excellent… » read more

Geothermal Anywhere company and its partners received together three public grants of total US$ 3,700,000 from EU funds (more information here). The first one we described in the previous article. This flagship project is focused on core rock disintegration technology. The other two, with the total value of almost US$1,600,000, aim to do research and… » read more

Geothermal Anywhere company was granted by total US$ 3,700,000 in order to do applied research in the field of ultra deep drilling, for three ULTRADRILL technology pillars. The flagship pillar project “Applied research and development of innovative drilling technology for ultra deep geothermal wells” has been awarded with value of more than US$ 2,100,000. In… » read more

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