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This week we had a kick-off meeting in Brussels for Ecolink+, an eco-innovation project supported by DG Enterprise under the umbrella of Europe INNOVA and the CIP programme. In this project ERRIN is partnering, among others, with Eurada, EBN and two expert consultancies in the area of innovation management and early stage investment, Meta-Group and… » read more

Brussels – WWF has sent the European Commission a formal complaint against Germany for its failure to fulfil a legal obligation introduced by the 2008 EU climate and energy legislative package. The complaint concerns the apparent faulty approval procedure for a new coal-fired power plant at Mannheim (Baden-Württemberg), which was given the go-ahead on 27… » read more

I apologise for my long absence from this blog. Recently I have, of course, followed the Commission hearings, at least for those of the new Commissioners that are most interesting from a regional research and innovation viewpoint. Clearly, this was a great moment for the European Parliament and for European democracy. One MEP quoted by… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Hedegaard eyes tougher emission cuts from transport‘: We need urgent and clear goals for the electrification of public transport, because combustion cars and buses destroy the climate, pollute the air and damage human health. The conversion of combustion buses (diesel buses) to electric would be finished in a year. Meanwhile, protests against combustion… » read more

Mr. Giuliano Monizza (ABB) will speak on behalf of T&D Europe and Orgalime at the Renewable Energy Finance & Infrastructure Summit to be held on 28 and 29 January in Vienna, Austria. Following his presentation at the Electra conference in Ljubljana on 15/10/2009, Mr. Monizza will elaborate on how to deliver energy efficiency in […]

Ukraine: Choosing a New Way

“When we get Russian gas, the problem is not the supplier, but the fact that 80 percent of the pipeline is located in the Ukraine. We should look for independence not from Russia, but from such transit schemes,” (Gerhard Schroeder) Just after 2004 Orange Revolution Ukraine took course towards Nato and EU, the new leadership… » read more

To this time, we wrote just about geothermal energy in general and we also introduced ourselves. The time has come to start talking about Geothermal Anywhere‘s innovative drilling concept that could find the huge sense when it comes to geothermal energy, but at the same time, ULTRADRILL (as we call it) could become the useful… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Spain’s renewables boom seen driving gas capacity‘: The various statements heard during recent weeks by the Spanish transmission system operators for electricity (REE) and gas respectively (Enagas) that Spain would still need to further increase its combined cycle power plants as back-up power for the safe integration of large amounts of wind power… » read more

As of January 1st, the new Brazilian climate legislation (“National Policy on Climate Change Act”) has entered into force. It fixes ambitious targets. By 2020 green house gas emissions should be 39 percent lower than “business as usual”, which should bring back Brazil‘s emissions back to 1994 levels. To reach this objective, Brazil must first… » read more

As of January 1, 2010, France was supposed to have launched its ecological tax reform, under which fossil energy would be taxed at increasingly higher rates and taxes on income and would be lowered correspondingly. On December 27th, the Conseil d`Etat has, however, declared the envisaged legislation as unconstitutional, on the grounds that it contained… » read more

The signature of a $ 20 billion contract, at the end of 2009, between the United Arab Republic and a South Korean industrial consortium under the leadership of the Korea Electric Company for the construction of four nuclear 1400 MW power plants marks a milestone in global energy cooperation: · The UAE will be […]

A Renaissance in Nuclear Power—Why Now? In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in developing nuclear power in both developed and developing countries. The United States, where construction had ceased for decades, has now formally certified new reactor designs. In Europe (except for France), where nuclear power development has been […]

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