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The following article about the start of the negotiations in Copenhagen was published by EurActiv.com on Monday 7th December. Long-awaited international talks kick off today (7 December) in Copenhagen, with negotiators from 192 countries meeting to hammer out a successor to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on climate change. After some hesitation, US President Barack Obama,… » read more

The recent deal agreement between EON, the biggest European power utility and Abengoa Solar, a the leading Spanish solar solar power companypower generator, for the to jointly construction and operation of build and operate two 50 MW solar thermal (CST) power plants stations in Seville underlinessymbolises important the major changes under way in European power… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Alcoa halts Italian plants after EU electricity ruling‘: European Union taxpayers must welcome the news here that its money is being used to subsidise big industry! The reference here puts it plainly: the EU executive has ruled that the ”preferential electricity tariffs offered to Alcoa by Italy for aluminium smelters in Sardinia and… » read more

Once again, hot dry rocks can be not only small things causing the foot-pain, but HDR is also the synonym for geothermal energy utilization. Enhanced geothermal systems – this is the whole approach telling about the possibility to established closed water loop bringing geothermal heat from Earth‘s depth under the surface. In previous part we… » read more

At their last preparatory meeting for the Copenhagen Climate Conference the EU environment ministers, October 20-21, have agreed to offer a 95 percent reduction of their green house gas emissions until 2050. This is praiseworthy; but it remains void of meaning unless the EU comes up with answers on three critical questions: What concrete steps… » read more

IEA CCS roadmap released

The email from IEA today reads: “The IEA released this week its CCS roadmap at the CSLF Ministerial in London, and subsequently at the IEA Ministerial in Paris. The roadmap for the first time spells out a detailed scenario for expanding CCS from its current demonstration phase to full commercialisation and large-scale deployment between now… » read more

Platts have recently announced initial details of their 4th annual CCS conference, to be held in London in February. This follows previous conferences in Berlin (2007) and Brussels (2008). Further info here. I expect to be there at least on the second day. As usual, I’m ready to post other European CCS event news on… » read more

Do you know, which is the first commercial geothermal power plant in Germany? It is “Geothermieprojekt” in Landau. It started to be realized under the study of geological conditions of the Upper Rhine Valley in 2003. The project started to be implemented in 2004 and since 21st November 2007 Landau Power Plant has become officially… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘EU to declare war on business trips‘: On behalf of Europe’s e-communications providers, I would like to hail the European Commission for its plan to propose measures that will encourage the use of ICT to reduce CO2 emissions. No one can deny that telecoms services and products encourage citizens to travel less and… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Can the EU pave the way for electric cars?‘: Over the past two years, PWR has looked at the issue of electric vehicle (EV) development, specifically with respect to infrastructure. This week, we have been talking to distribution engineers in the UK (in fact some of my ex-colleagues). EVs are often linked to… » read more

The southern Mediterranean countries have a vital interest in engaging in the fight against climate change. Their share in global green house gas emissions may still be small, but bound to rise due to population growth and increasing energy demand; and sooner or later the international community will ask them to contribute their fair share… » read more

In the framework of its European Seminars, the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) organized an international high-level conference entitled: “The Delphic Oracle on Europe: Politics and Policies“. In the course of the conference a group of around 40 leading academics, practitioners, think tankers and journalists analysed and evaluated the outcome of the… » read more

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