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The EU Commission wants the EU to reduce C02 emissions beyond the 20 percent over 1990 defined so far as the EU target for 2020, but without reciprocity from other industrialised countries, which it had asked for until now. Four main reasons would militate in favour of a more ambitious approach: • Higher oil and… » read more

At the first European Regions Energy Day in Brussels, Blogactiv spoke to Anne Bliek, Deputy Queen’s Commissioner for the Province of Flevoland in the Netherlands. She explained some of the issues surrounding government policy when it relates to clean energy subsidies.

I was invited to speak in the Energy Security 2011 – Challenges of the Hungarian EU Presidency conference organized by International Centre for Democratic Transition on 7 May 2010. Although I had been involved in the international affairs of railways, I am an economist and talked in the second panel about the price of energy… » read more

As I can comment only about a tiny fraction of news about the issues of my interest I have launched a news portal for better coverage. My new “Ari Rusila’s Conflicts” site – created with help and platform of NewsCred Ltd. – is loaded relevant multimedia content from over 2500 news sources and blogs. The… » read more

The race between the two EU’s eastern gas pipelines is going on while next winter can again show some supply problems via Ukraine. South Stream got latest boost on 11th November 2009 as Russia’s Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko and Slovenian Economy Minister Matej Lahovnik signed an agreement on the passage of the South […]

Latest developments during last weeks related the EU’s policy of diversifying Europes’s energy supplies give a clear indication that EU’s pipedream – Nabucco – is vanishing while the rival Russia’s South Stream gets a boost both on the ground and updated aims. European Commission has tried enhance Nabucco already some nine year with modest or… » read more

Despite the efforts to save energy a strong scenario for near future is that the quantity of gas needed in EU region will remain same as today if not bigger. sources of gas are widely known the essential question is how the gas is arriving to European markets. Environmental and technical aspects can be handled… » read more

Two new proposals related to European security and energy cooperation was made last week by Russia. During official state visit in Finland Russia’s President Dimitry Medvedev gave a key note speech in Helsinki on April 20th outlining a “new European security structure”. Same day Russia made public goals and principles of new framework for energy… » read more

While my special interests are laying in Balkans I keep an eye on Northern Black Sea – Caucasus, Ukraine and Bessarabia. Events there sure have their impact also in Balkans – if not direct so at least through their geopolitical, security or economical consequences. Today’s Caucasus with its surrounding regions is a frontline of power… » read more

Global Trends 2025

I just took a glance at very interesting new report published on 21st November 2008 by the United States National Intelligence Council – Washington’s main intelligence body. The report, Global Trends 2025: A World Transformed, is published every four years to give U.S. leaders insight into looming problems and opportunities. This agency of agencies, […]… » read more

Powergame in EU-Russia summit

EU summit meeting on 14th Nov. 2008 with Russia in France is designed to reopen talks on a pact of cooperation after the crisis in relations caused by the Georgia conflict on August 2008. Before meeting hard words have been changed over Kaliningrad missiles, Nato radars and EU/OSCE monitors in Georgia. However the core question… » read more

GUUAM When speaking about interests of West I would like to make a difference between US – or Anglo-American -interests and EU interests. After “Cold War” US has all the while expanded its influence post-Soviet territory with aim to guide those region’s natural resources under US companies. GUUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Moldova) Group… » read more

Date: Friday, May 23, 2008 – 15:00 Duration / timezone: 1 hour / Central European Time (Brussels, Paris, Berlin) Moderators: Fernando Nuno and Hans De Keulenaer, Leonardo ENERGY Enroll for this webinar  On the 23rd of January, the European Commission launched a proposal for a Directive on promoting the use of renewable energy. The Directive… » read more

“The market is a good servant but a bad master”. That is at least the way an old saying has it. Often attributed to Vaclav Havel, but also to the former Danish Energy minister Svend Auken. Whoever is to take credit this saying comes to mind when reading The Economist, where the issue is […]… » read more

President Barroso announced an interesting shift in the Chinese attitude to the post-Kyoto agreement when visiting Beijing last week. The Chinese premier Wen Jiabao is said to have indicated that China could participate fully in an international agreement provided that the old industrialised nations promised to reduce their emission till 2020 and that a […]… » read more

This webinar discusses energy efficiency labelling and performance standards. Possible discussion topics are: Is ‘enlargement’ of the labeling scheme beneficial? How to accommodate the continuous improvement in technology? How to design schemes to phase-out old appliances? How to certify and harmonize testing centers? Financial incentives to stimulate efficient products in the market. The role of… » read more

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