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I was quite surprised this week when I attended a conference organised by the Greens in the European Parliament and saw them do the lobbying for a grand solar industrial project which I think still has a lot of uncertainties and even environmental dangers. The DESERTEC project [see Wikipedia FR] aims at building huge concentrating… » read more

I was in London yesterday attending the launch of the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2007 and I must admit that the report shocked me (because of its content) but also positively surprised me (because of the new ”soft” realism of the IEA) The new Outlook states in cautious and, of course, more diplomatic words that our world is increasingly on… » read more

Will America awake from its long climate sleep and become the new world leader for sustainable energy policies? It certainly looks like it judging from the fervour with which the Democrat presidential candidates are positioning themselves on this issue. The latest bold plans for a green US energy future come from Hillary Clinton and some… » read more

A bit of a different story today. Yesterday I had to defend the new internet-based journalism in the “Stand up for journalism” debate organised by three journalists’ unions in Brussels. The discussion focused on the commercialisation of media and its negative impact on journalists’ jobs. Speakers and union leaders Aidan White (International Federation of Journalists… » read more

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