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Plans were announced this week to have electricity production coming from wave and tidal power within the next 3 years. The project, which is known as FlanSea, will receive an investment of €2.4 million from the Flemish agency for Science and Technology Innovation (IWT). The project proposes the development of a wave energy convertor suitable… » read more

The German union has called on the government to cut the aid given to actors in the solar industry. The group has asked the German Minister for Environment, Mr. Röttgen, to reduce state subsidies to solar power and photovoltaics. According to the Financial Times, this information was mentioned in an internal letter. In 2010 the… » read more

RAG and RWE intend to co-develop an integrated wind and pumped storage hydro energy project at RAG’s coal slagheap site in North Rhine Westphalia, the two German energy companies said in a statement on Tuesday. The pilot project proposed at RAG’s waste dump site near Hamm should be completed by 2014. The pumped-storage power plant… » read more

The renewable energy consultancy group, 3E, has warned the Flemish government against proposed cutbacks of green electricity subsidies for solar energy. Managing Director, Geert Palmers, has expressed his concerns that the decision to reduce subsidies for solar energy of PV (Photo Voltaic) may stall the industry. According to 3E’s analysis, the first large PV projects… » read more

A few weeks before the Cancun summit, expectations are more than moderate on a possible international agreement on climate. At the same time, government policies to support renewable energies are severely challenged in several European countries and have lost their attractiveness to investors since the second half of 2008. Despite this context, renewable energies will… » read more

On Tuesday, the operators of Germany’s first offshore wind farm urged the German government to increase incentives to expand the generation of renewable power at sea. Utilities Eon, EWE and Vattenfall made a statement calling on Berlin to improve the financial and regulatory framework so that more offshore wind farms can be launched in Germany.… » read more

Festival founder Michael Eavis has installed the largest photovoltaic electricity generating system in the UK at Glastonbury. It has been built on private land at Worthy Farm on the Glastonbury Festival site. The plant will generate enough electricity to meet 80% of the farm’s electricity demand, equivalent to 40 households and will save around 100… » read more

Engineers working on the solar panel market or in the other sectors of the renewable energy industry now have gathered into a network. The network will allow them to meet, discuss of industry challenges and reflect on the next steps of their sector regularly. The Welsh Microgen Network was inaugurated by Environment Minister Jane Davidson,… » read more

The Spanish Minister of Economy, Innovation and Science, Antonio Avila, insists that the region is “getting ahead” in renewables, with leading companies and with “significant foreign investments”. Avila emphasized the importance of the 282 million Euro incentive granted by the regional government for sustainable energy development initiatives under three incentive programs launched since 2005 that… » read more

The Wind Energy Association (ESA) has urged the Ministry of Industry to comply with the agreement reached with the wind industry last July to eliminate the regulatory uncertainty hanging over the industry. Following a meeting yesterday with representatives of associations of different wind regions, the ESA found that there was uncertainty in the sector and… » read more

General Electric introduced a one-megawatt (MW) solar inverter at Solar Power International 2010 on October 18th 2010. The new product, based on the proven power converter technology, is the largest in GE’s portfolio, making it suitable for applications worldwide. Read the full article (in German): http://bit.ly/aUvxCB

The Swedish government put in place an annual follow up of the permission process for the construction of wind turbines. According to the Swedish organization for wind power, the three main obstacles are: The veto of the municipalities, the decisions of the defense department (area around military airports are off limits) and new taxes concerning… » read more

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