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How many documents are archived for the public on the European Union website? There were on 7 May 2010 a total of 369,224 documents on the website www.europa.eu. Question: Which two documents does the Council and the Commission REFUSE to publish? Answer: The most important documents of all — the two documents that reveal the… » read more

This story about Europe as an Innovation Union was published by EurActiv on 2nd March 2010. The EU’s new growth strategy, due to be rubber-stamped by the new Barroso Commission on Wednesday (3 March), includes a blueprint for transforming Europe into an ‘Innovation Union’ by 2020. A leaked draft of the ‘Europe 2020′ strategy ties… » read more

This article about EU officials was published by EurActiv on 21st January 2010. Ahead of a confirmation vote in the European Parliament on 9 February, EU commissioners are being asked by their president, José Manuel Barroso, to make their cabinets more multinational and gender-balanced, an internal note seen by EurActiv reveals. The internal note distributed… » read more

Sir. Regarding ‘Barroso on collision course over Jeleva‘: I just don’t get it. The CV submitted by Ms. Jeleva to the European Parliament and to European Commission President José Manuel Barroso states that she was a “manager” at Global Consult in the periods 2001-2003 and 2006-2007. The company’s income statement for 2008 (!) which can… » read more

Barroso II

Brussels is awash with rumour about who will get what in the newly appointed European Commission, due to be unveiled by President Barroso next week.Having ruled itself out of any of the important economic portfolios with the appointment of Cathy Ashton…

A new Barroso?

José Manuel Barroso was yesterday given a second term as Commission president by the European Parliament, which voted 382 for, 210 against with 117 abstentions. This was an unexpectedly large majority – in fact the absolute majority which the Lisbon Treaty would have required. Barroso rightly claimed “reinforced authority” after this decisive victory, but what… » read more

Barroso’s buzzwords

Market, Economy and Crisis dominate Commission President’s list of most-used words. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso unveiled his ‘summer homework‘ today, setting out his agenda in a bid to convince a sceptical European Parliament that he has a vision for a second term. So what were his priorities? Well, taking an outrageously crude quantative… » read more

A quoi joue l’ADLE?

Vu le résultat du MoDem aux élections, le grand groupe “Démocrate” n’a pas vu le jour et le MoDem a décidé de rester au sein de l’ADLE la queue entre les jambes. Dans son dernier communiqué, on apprend que le groupe refuse le calendrier imposé par Barroso, qui espérait un vote du PE en juillet.… » read more

This story was first published on 9th June 2009 by EurActiv.com. Just hours after the EU election results were known, leading MEPs began to discuss ‘grand’ political alliances for appointing the next European Commission and Parliament presidents. Joseph Daul, the chairman of the centre-right EPP-ED group, threw down the gauntlet yesterday (8 June), by proposing… » read more

Europe = ?

This morning your author found himself at a meeting and discussion about political foundations and their importance. Needless to say, I was there more by accident than design. It was organised by ENoP, European Network of Political Foundations Whilst it would be reasonable to suggest that political and civil society groups are not where my… » read more

This week’s UN summit on biodiversity ended with some hopeful results but there is still a lack of full awareness that protecting the planet’s eco-systems is much more than a moral obligation. “We have a moral obligation to be careful stewards of the planet for future generations”, said EU Commission President Barroso in his speech… » read more

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