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A few pointers to some must-read reports or articles which I discovered in the last ten days: Nicholas Stern’s latest report “Key elements of a global deal on climate change“: not much different from his 2006 Stern review for the UK government but rings the alarm bell a bit harder as very little has really… » read more

This blog was very silent last week because I was in Washington DC participating in a fascinating two-day climate and energy conference organised by the Transatlantic Platform for Action on the Global Environment (T-PAGE). This dialogue forum was created to facilitate debate among members of EU and US civil society on climate and energy policies… » read more

Six years ago biofuels became “en vogue”. Europeans and, even more so, Americans considered them as a welcome complement to fossil fuels and an antedote to global warming. The EU fixed 5.75 percent for 2010 and 10 percent for 2020 as the share of biofuels in EU gasoline supply.These days are gone. Today biofuels have… » read more

Euro Parliamentarian Paul Rübig comments on the energy relationship that ties Russia to the EU: A pipeline is like a marriage – if you have a pipeline, both sides will in the future of course be interested in having a good relationship. The Austrian Conservative MEP, who is a member of the Parliament’s Industry and… » read more

Now that the EU’s policies on first-generation biofuels is getting more and more headwind, the biofuels advocates in Brussels (and globally) are holding a plea for quicker research and development of cellulosic or second-generation biofuels. In the impact assessment of its 23 January 2008 climate/energy package, the Commission foresees a 30% share of these new… » read more

At a dinner debate organised by Friends of Europe and General Motors Europe on 16 October, EU Commission official Paul Hodson reacted to the Doornbosch-Steenblik report published for the Round Table on Sustainable Development of the OECD (the report is NOT an officially endorsed OECD document BTW). In their study “Biofuels, is the cure worse… » read more

Conversion of arable land to produce biofuels should be forbidden for five years, until science has made enough progress to create “second-generation” biofuels. This is the recommendation of a UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. See Swissinfo for more on this story. Science Magazine Nature also has an editorial questioning corn-based biofuels (”Kill king… » read more

Technorati Tags: biofuels, European Union The production of first-generation agro-fuels does not only have questionable environmental and social effects but it is also a very expensive way of trying to deal with the climate change effects of transport. European public support for first-generation biofuels is not a cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to… » read more

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