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Trading activity for meaning

Last year I decided to get Information Overload under control, setting up a GTD system with a DoIt-driven morning routine and Pocket, Diigo and IFTTT to queue, store and share useful stuff. I was all set. For what, I wasn’t sure. But I was sure as hell organised. And then, a couple of days ago,… » read more

In compliance with ‘Step 3′ of ‘How do I Get Started’, I hereby edit this post by voicing my agenda on what I plan with this blog. But first, let me briefly introduce myself; I’m a writer and a political activist. I advocate on issues that promote societal progress and solidarity such as, among other… » read more

By Jason Anderson, Head of European Climate and Energy Policy at WWF European Policy Office Today much of civil society, including environmental NGOs, social movements and labour unions walked out of the UNFCCC negotiations to protest the lack of urgency reflected in the talks. The action was not taken to say that the negotiations are… » read more

It’s not strictly necessary to rebrand bloggingportal, but everyone I’ve spoken to thinks it’s a good idea, so why not have a little competition? This is more about coming up with a neat idea than holding a design competition yet. For example, here’s an idea sketched out on the metro using my trusty Note2: Got… » read more

Where to find me

With BlogActiv feeling a bit creaky, I spent the summer taking a hard look at Google+ and Tumblr, and integrated my GTD (Getting Things Done) system with my online presence. Tumblr vs Google+ vs WordPress Tumblr disappointed – it’s more Facebook than a true blogging platform, and so good for brands, less so for thinking… » read more

At last the officials from the EU countries and its institutions have, albeit belatedly, started to react to the “customs war”, waged by Russia against Ukraine and which is aimed at disrupting the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU. It should be noted that, in general, the official reaction of the EU… » read more

Deforestation and extreme weather are factors that exacerbate food insecurity in Haiti. Building people’s resilience to these hazards is a key part of WFP’s programme in Haiti. Thanks to funding from the European Commission, over 25.000 people are taking part in this ‘cash for work’ programme aimed at preventing soil erosion. Through such programmes Haitians… » read more

Problems of EU citizenship in the UK Throughout the EU, implementing free movement law still poses significant challenges for Member States and exercising EU free movement rights is rarely as straightforward as one might wish for EU citizens and their families. These challenges are not only the obvious practical ones about the application of law… » read more

By Christina Ionela Neokleous For many years, executive compensation, with the forms of base salary, bonus, stock options, restricted share plans (stock grants), pension and other benefits (car, healthcare etc.), was a highly controversial subject that has attracted the attention of regulators, media and academics. Their criticisms took many forms of concerns relating the level… » read more

On to a new dictatorship

Tweet There is no subtle progress, there is no benevolent authority questioning the purpose and direction of society. It’s just a group of people who now have unlimited access to resources and the mechanism of the state. It’s just a group of people seeking to imbed their authority all across the public sector, in such… » read more

What on earth is going on inside the Conservative Party? Are the last years of the Major Government repeating themselves, with “Europe” once again tearing the Party to pieces and driving it to electoral suicide? by Ben Patterson, former MEP and current chairman of the Conservative Party in Kent.

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