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2010 Video Review

Since I wrote one of these posts last year, the world of video within EurActiv has changed considerably. Our partnership with EUXTV adds lots in terms of the quality of content that I (we) certainly would have not managed alone. This list is in no particular order, but will hopefully highlight some of the good… » read more

EU-Logos Hits 800

Something pretty amazing has happened on Blogactiv today. This post (currently the Editor’s Choice) about the Swiss referendum by EU-Logos is the 800th he has published on the platform. This must be the Eurosphere’s most prolific writer… If you are not familiar with the blog, EU-Logos writes about a wide range of topics including human… » read more

Eurosphere Get Together

The Eurosphere – via bloggingportal – has a get together lined up in London. Details are here. Other commitments mean that I won’t be able to attend myself, but I imagine that the folks at bloggingportal would love to meet you have an EU related blog and you can make it.

EurActiv is the leading EU policy media, publishing in 11 languages and 11 countries to over 500 000 monthly readers. In November 2009, Euractiv celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a prestigious Award Ceremony – View related interviews including Barroso, Buzek, Verhofstadt, Wallström. The company has doubled its team size in recent years (to approx. 70… » read more

In part four of our series of interviews with Stanley Crossick, Stanley explains what he gets out of his blogging and why he has taken to it with such gusto. He also explains why he feels that there is still a need for more blogging at the EU level by interested parties. [kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/_p8EHIVSrHM” width=”425″… » read more

Happy Birthday Blogactiv!

Today is the third anniversary since the first ever post on Blogactiv by Stanley Crossick. At that time, neither EurActiv nor Stanley knew what blogging in and about EU affairs might become. One thing was for sure, it has become much bigger! Today also marks the 500th post by Stanley, a look back at how… » read more

Earlier in the year, I was fortunate enough to meet Google’s Head of the Anti-Spam team, Matt Cutts, when he came to Brussels. While talking about search engine optimisation, he mentioned that Google actually likes SEO. He described it as being a way for websites to put their ‘best foot forward’ so that they gain… » read more

Thank you and congratulations to everyone that has been involved with the continuing growth of Blogactiv – and by default, the EU blogosphere. The growth continues… Today, this post by EU Logos was number 7,500 to be published onto our homepage. Congratulations. It was in February this year that Rado from EurActiv Slovakia posted our… » read more

US$300 in tax for a blog?

Let us hope that so many of the new ‘ideas’ in the United States do not manage to make their way to the United Kingdom and then on to Europe. Like this idea from Philadelphia. Really? A $300 ‘business licence’ and taxes to run blogs making less that $100 per year. It sounds a little… » read more

To continue this occassional series of posts to offer explain blogging, lets take a look at blogrolls. On Blogactiv, a blogroll can be found over one the right hand side of the page under the title, “Elsewhere”, but on most blogs would be known as’ “Pages I Like” or simply a blogroll. When first starting… » read more

A Brussels based consultancy, Waggener Edstrom, has released a report about the level of influence in the EU policy area by bloggers. It focuses on the Brussels based, English language EU blogosphere. Unsurprisingly, Blogactiv.eu and bloggingportal.eu are considered to be central to the blogosphere. Happily, 9 of the top 40 most influential blogs in the… » read more

Friday 27th May 2010 was a memorable day for your author. It was the day when Google’s Matt Cutts came to town. And by town, I mean to Brussels on part of a whistle-stop tour of Europe to speak to web people about SEO. His presentation was in the format of a Google Tech Talk… » read more

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