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Now and then the question arises: how can we get a transnational discourse on European topics underway, or create a European online public space? The two phrases in bold, above, both come from one of the latest posts on the topic, this time from Julien Frisch. They follow initiatives like Steffan’s Bloggingportal.eu, which aggregates Euroblog… » read more

As published by EurActiv.com: The European school system “might soon collapse” if not reformed, European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas told a public hearing in Brussels last week (19 March), citing “alarming signs” like lack of teachers, cumbersome decision-making procedures and governments’ unwillingness to invest in infrastructure. Acknowledging that reforming the European school system is a… » read more

New NGO centre in Brussels

With apologies to readers beyond Brussels, I want to share my excitement at the new NGO centre that is just opening here. Mundo B, as it’s named, will house around 25 different environment and development groups under the same roof, including Friends of the Earth, Climate Action Network and the European Climate Foundation. Located on… » read more

In the opening even of Think About It three blogging MEPs answered the questions of European bloggers. Richard Corbett (Socialist) said he does not allow for comments because another organized party would immediately fill it up. But all comments are welcome in e-mail. Christofer Fjellner (People’s Party) has a bilingual blog. Jules Maaten (Liberal Democrats)… » read more

Living close to the “Turkish” district in Brussels, I am used to young people celebrating in their cars after an important football play. But when looking more closely this afternoon I realised that it wasn’t Turkish or the Fenerbahçe flag they were waving. The name on the flag was Kosova*. Original post by brusselsblogger

EUObserver in German?

Today, EUObserver runs a story about the EU’s year of intercultural dialogue 2008 – in German. See my comments over here at my other blog www.brusselsmedia.eu Original post by brusselsblogger

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