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Sir, Regarding ‘Alcoa halts Italian plants after EU electricity ruling‘: European Union taxpayers must welcome the news here that its money is being used to subsidise big industry! The reference here puts it plainly: the EU executive has ruled that the ”preferential electricity tariffs offered to Alcoa by Italy for aluminium smelters in Sardinia and… » read more

The biggest European automobile manufacturer has announced its intention to introduce a new extra high fuel-efficiency model as of this autumn. Its consumption would be 3.3 litre/100 km, or the equivalent of 87 grammes C02 emissions per km. This news has to be on the background of aconfirms swing in the automobile market away from… » read more

A specialised mobile provider Webtel.mobi has launched. It provides mobile calling and texting services to all web-enabled phones in Europe and worldwide at up to 80% less than standard mobile rates. Available in all EU and European countries, on all web-enabled phones and networks, it’s free to join, no contract is required, and users use… » read more

Tight global fossil fuel markets, increased nationalisation of oil reserves and massive economic growth in developing countries like China and India are creating new realities in global energy markets, which will remain volatile for some time to come, according to BP’s chief economist Christof Rühl, who spoke to EurActiv in an interview. Christof Rühl is… » read more

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and many other EU leaders at the EU Council building in Brussels, are currently discussing how the EU nations can keep their ambitions about reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020 and how to deal with the impact of the financial crisis. In a meeting with RT HON… » read more

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