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Outside the oceans tropical forests constitute the biggest carbon reservoir on earth. 289 billion tons carbon are sequestered in all forests on earth, and 0.5 billion tons of carbon are lost every year through net deforestation. It is of crucial importance for the global climate to maintain the present stock of forests for the indefinite… » read more

Global energy demand – and C02 emissions – is expected to double by the middle of the century as a result of rising population and per-capita consumption. Such a development is unsustainable: • Climate change will prevent humanity from continuing along the energy pathway of the past. Business as usual will put the very existence… » read more

China and USA account for one third of global green house gas emissions. The international community is therefore largely ineffective without these two giant emitter countries taking more effective action, and doing so without delay. The prospects do not look encouraging, despite a few hopeful signals sent out recently. The USA seems incapable of reducing… » read more

Putting a price tag on C02 emissions has been rightly hailed as a major advance in fighting climate change. The EU has been the trend setter in organising C02 emission trading. It is proud of the European Emission Trading System (ETS). Thanks to these efforts, a European Commodity Exchange fixes spot and future prices for… » read more

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