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Since May 12, 2010 a new draft for an American Power Act is on the table. Senators Kerry and Liebermann have submitted a 1000 page (!) compromise proposal after a previous trilateral effort could not make the way to the Senator Floor because of party controversy concerning the priority to be attributed to immigration over… » read more

The EU Commission wants the EU to reduce C02 emissions beyond the 20 percent over 1990 defined so far as the EU target for 2020, but without reciprocity from other industrialised countries, which it had asked for until now. Four main reasons would militate in favour of a more ambitious approach: • Higher oil and… » read more

At the ongoing international climate conference in Poznan the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has rightly underscored that “our work for the environment should be timeless”. This commitment for preserving the global climate does not prevent the Polish government from raising serious objections to the EU climate package, which the European Council is […] Original… » read more

Ukraine is a major emitter of C02, comparable to Spain. It is therefore laudable that the government aims at reducing C02 emissions at the same rate as the EU, i.e. 20 percent by 2020. That should be feasible provided the country focuses on its huge potential for raising energy efficiency. Like all former socialist countries,… » read more

For two decades US government authorities have indulged in an unbelievable negligence of the banking sector: Banks could place very risky new financial instruments into the market without being called to order by fragmented banking authorities. Similarly, the US government, followed by others, allowed car makers to seduce consumers into buying the most perverse gas… » read more

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