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At FFA 2010 Blogactiv spoke to Patrick Weiss, Project Manager for Operation Pollinator. He explains how bees play an important role in pollinating crops and the importance of their role in feeding a larger world population.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy believes that a reversion to a traditional CAP based on market manipulation and frontier protection would cost the EU budget less than the current direct subsidy based system, The President told French farm industry leaders on March 6 that in upcoming CAP reform negotiations France would be prepared to trade budget… » read more

Agriculture attracts…

Over 800 people have registered to participate in discussions and debates on political and economic issues surrounding the future of farming. The Forum for the Future of Agriculture 2010 (FFA 2010) which is taking place next Tuesday, March 16 from 8.45am-17.30pm, has attracted an unexpectedly large amount of interest. A wide range of topics will… » read more

The new Barroso Commission has wasted no time in grasping the GMO nettle, after years of delay and obfuscation. It is authorising the cultivation and use of Amflora, a new genetically modified potato for industrial use, while at the same time working on a policy which will allow individual member states to forbid the cultivation… » read more

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation has clearly had second thoughts on livestock production’s contribution to environmental degradation and climate change. In its report ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow’ published four years ago it uncompromisingly blamed the world’s beef, dairy, pig, poultry and sheep producers for making a major and too often unnecessary contribution to AGHG emissions… » read more

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