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(Executive Summary of the conclusions of the European Citizens’ Seminar held in Erfurt, Germany, 28-31 March 2009). This policy is intended to allow the development of socio-economic & environmentally sustainable agricultural systems. This will allow the present generation to meet its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Labelling could… » read more

At the Forum for the Future of Agriculture (see previous posts below), we spoke to Ariel Brunner, BirdLife International’s EU Agriculture Policy Officer, about the importance of farmers having the right knowledge when applying technology, and the ways in which farmers can acquire this knowledge (he talks about training, incentives and regulation). He highlights that,… » read more

Yesterday saw me at the Forum for the Future of Agriculture in the lovely Biblioteque Solvay in Brussels. The main event was Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman. Krugman spoke at some length about the current financial crisis and how he believes it is masking a growing food shortage around the world. He feels that… » read more

The greed and covetousness of the political party machines will put all Europeans citizens at risk. The new political elites want to undermine the Community system of supranational democracy. By attempting a selfish power-grab, this narrow-minded minority of Europeans is threatening the European economy — and much besides. More than ever, Europeans need a real… » read more

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