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I Want Your Money Back!

EU institutions and member states are warming up for the negotiations on the post-2013 EU budget, which are just around the corner. French MEP Alain Lamassoure, who chairs the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgets, said yesterday that national gov…

To those unfamiliar with the arcane workings of the CAP it may seem strange that the French government supports its farm organisations in favouring the reduction of guaranteed income subsidies – even as a quid pro quo for greater market support and protection. Surely a substantial dab in the hand for doing nothing is worth… » read more

Cash cow

On his CAP Reform blog Jack Thurston has a story that illustrates one of the many reasons why reforming the EU’s wasteful and protectionist farming policies is so difficult. The post centres on Henrik Høegh, Denmark’s newly appointed Farming Minister,…

Few things represent the absurd and outdated nature of the EU’s budget as well as the weird butter and grain mountains. These mountains consist of surplus produce that Europe’s farmers have been unable to sell on the market and that is instead bought u…

Since 1992, successive reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) have introduced new non-food priorities like environmental protection, development of rural areas, climate change and renewable energy. The European institutions are trying to strengthen rural development policy to respond to these “new challenges” and part ways with the policy of supporting agricultural revenues. And […]

On 3 and 4 November 2008, MEPs and national MPs gathered to discuss the EU’s common agricultural policy (CAP) and the world food security role. At the opening of the meeting, European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pötting announced that “the aim must be a productive, high-performance, future-oriented agriculture, which preserves rural areas”. It was said […]… » read more

EU agriculture has successfully passed its “health check” which governments had asked for in December 2005 when allotting it the biggest slice of EU budget expenditures 2007-13. Never before since the start of the common agricultural policy has Europe’s agriculture been in such a good shape as today. Forgotten are three decades of milk lakes,… » read more

World agricultural prices have reached record levels in early 2008. They are roughly 65 percent higher than five years ago, when the main lines of the present agricultural policy underwent the last revision. Both OECD and FAO expect agricultural prices to stay at this high level and even keep rising during the next decade. After… » read more

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