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Parliament has changed its internal rules to give itself greater procedural flexibility when introducing legislative amendments to certain “re-cast” proposals that do not already have Commission support. In a change to Rule 80a via the Corbett Report this week (Wed 6 May), which helps to apply the so-called re-cast technique to new legislation, Parliament agree… » read more

Back At Work!

After roughly a month’s break I shall shortly be back at work in Brussels in a new job with the WWF European Policy team. My main task is to coordinate various initiatives that lead to CO2 emission perfomace standards (EPS) being included in the Union’s new Industrial Emissions (IPPC) framework law (either by way of… » read more

Coal industry can begin deploying CCS technology now: WCI chief Copenhagen (Platts)–18Mar2009–Carbon capture and storage technology has developed to the point where it can now deliver up to 55% of the emission reductions needed to fight global warming worldwide up to 2100, World Coal Institute CEO Milton Catelin said Wednesday on the sidelines of a… » read more

Platts’ 3rd annual European CCS conference takes place at the Hilton in Brussels next week. The event is all-day Thursday and Friday until lunchtime. I should have posted this link to the details page way back; sorry. I’m told there a few places left (though at commerical rates for a commericial conference!). Usually the content… » read more

Article in The (London) Times, 11 February 2009. “National Grid is drawing up plans for a new business unit that will pipe carbon dioxide emissions from UK power stations for storage in geological formations beneath the North Sea, The Times has learnt. National Grid believes the business, dubbed National Grid Carbon, can play a major… » read more

This story caught my eye. Two points to note: (1) The UK-based CCS Journal posts many of its news items on-line and these are (like CCS Wire) available by RSS; (ii) re the story itself, the Trondhiem Lab Network (so called ECCSEL, pronouced “excel”?) certainly looks like a significant undertaking is being set up. However,… » read more

The Commission expects to adopt rules for using up to 300M ETS allowances to aid demonstration of CCS and new innovative renewable energy technologies by the end of this year, accordingly to unofficial notes circulated recently between officials and posted here. In a cover note and time schedule, DG Environment outline its process and time-lines… » read more

A ‘Interesting’ New Year to everyone! I’m catching up on all the things we missed while busy law-making. The new (12 November) IEA World Energy Outlook grabs my attention. If after the holiday period you need something to put your brain back in work mode, this is it. While the global economic situation will to… » read more

I recently discovered this lecture series, organised by the Institute of European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (UVB). The events are free of charge and open to the public. There are still 4 of the 12 lectures still to run before the end of the year. Having attended one last week, I can confirm… » read more


Here’s ’something for the weekend’: www.coalfinger.com Original post by markjohnston

UPDATED with links to slide presentations. Chris Davies MEP held a seminar on CCS on Wed 2 July, the invite to which read: “The International Energy Agency last month reported that the implementation of carbon capture and storage technology was urgent and essential if the world is to keep the lights on […] Original post… » read more

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