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Author: Stevica Levajkovski Intercultural cooperation between young leaders from 3 continents? 9 countries represented: Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia. Work, live, travel, have fun = all together !!! 9 months spent in Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation in Trogen, Switzerland. Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation offers an intercultural “emPower” program for young adults… » read more

Last week MEP Martin Kastler (EPP-CSU) launched the first European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI). Is this a slow-motion train wreck, or the dawn of a new era of democracy? Two things immediately caught my eye when I checked out “Mum and dad belong to us on Sunday” (via @Kosmopolit via @andrewjburgess). First, apparently: Recently, the European… » read more

Governments have raised the costs of passports not by a few per cent but many fold. The new biometric passports with hidden electronic data were supposed to be really, really secure. The Dubai incident shows that all these super-sophisticated passports have been BUST. Private data has been stolen. British, French, Irish and German passports have… » read more

There should be a citizens’ right to be informed in the first place as the key to accessing other European rights. A major task for the new European Parliament and European Commission should be to reduce the gap between the theory and practice of European citizenship and examine ways in which non-judicial and judicial remedies… » read more

Citizenship to the union should be extended to the long term legally resident third country nationals who should be offered the opportunity to obtain the nationality of the Member State in which they are resident. This post was submitted by Tony Venables, European Citizen Action Service (ECAS). Original post by Tony Venables, European Citizen Action… » read more

There should be at least a Vice-President of the European Commission and of the European Parliament with a mandate to listen to citizens and be their advocate within the Institutions, whilst giving political support to the different services and procedures designed with citizens in mind. This post was submitted by Tony Venables, European Citizen Action… » read more

60 ans il faut pour s’apercevoir que l’Europe a besoin d’abord des citoyens de conforter leurs liens que les jumelages en sont la plate forme de creer l’association europeenne pour mieux vivre le quotidien et aussi s v p gardons notre culture ce qui commence par la LANGUE This post was submitted by manfredi. Original… » read more

Unity and Democracy

Whereas markets still are global and the politics are national, the politics will go on being that “dummy” for the economic interests of the lobbies. The utopian politics considering citizens as owners of their own lives, hasn’t achieve its goal yet. That is the main reason for the citizens to move further away from politics.… » read more

Europe Day 2008

Make all citizens aware of the 60 years of progress of the European idea by getting your Council local press and media involved in the civic activity of celebrating Europe Day on May 9th. Repeat this each year and reflect on 60 years of peace, prosperity and achievements that all citizens continue to enjoy. This… » read more

One million signatures

We are pleased to note that Lisbon Treaty has adopted in Art. 11.2 TEU one of the most positive innovations of the Draft Constitution (Art. I-47). That is to say, the principle of participatory democracy, and the right of one million citizens to submit any appropriate proposal on matters where they consider that a legal… » read more

Status of student

I don’t really know how this matter looks like in other European countries, but the situation in Poland is, in my opinion, a little bit crazy. All the schools, from pimary up to universities, provide their students with “student cards”. But they are valid inside Poland only. It implies two serious disadvanages: 1. It is… » read more

Art. 9 TEU, in its last paragraph, undervalues the concept of EU citizenship because it states that EU citizenship “is added” to a national citizenship. However, EU citizenship is in reality “complementary” (former art. 17.1 TEC). EU citizenship is an important concept and, once established, cannot be separated from National citizenship. Although this proposal […]… » read more

An exercise could be that European citizens one day hold a big conference on how they would like the constitution of Europe to look like. They could invite all kinds of experts have debates and workgroups and in the end vote a constitution. Citizen could be randomly selected thought making sure that all kinds of… » read more

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