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By a large majority, the 175 contracting parties of CITES (“Convention on the international Trade in endangered Species”; have rejected a request by Monaco, backed by the USA and the EU, to put a temporary ban on the fishing of blue-fin Atlantic tuna. The stock of this increasingly expensive fish has declined by 75 percent… » read more

The Copenhagen Climate Conference has been a water shed in the fight against climate change. Disappointment, indifference and frustration have annihilated the little hope that the endless series of preparatory UN conferences had generated. Today, three months after Copenhagen, nobody seems to have a clue on how to reduce green house gas emissions sufficiently to… » read more

Yesterday’s post reported on the non-attendance of Premier Wen Jiabao at the small leaders’ meeting on 17 December. Wen’s explanation of what happened was the same as previously reported in the Chinese media, except that the latter said that the meeting was held by the US. Wen did not repeat this. It’s hard to understand… » read more

In view of the stalemate on climate legislation in the Senate President Obama has instructed the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to prepare executive regulations for capping green house gas emissions from automobiles, trucks, refineries, power plants and major industrial emitters. These measures are designed to enter into force in early 2011 if no legislation has… » read more

This morning in Beijing, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao explained at his press conference what actually happened in Copenhagen on 17 December 2009 on the eve of the UN Climate Change Conference, which gave rise to criticism of Chinese behaviour and even allegations of arrogance. It is remarkable that this is the first official version of… » read more

This story about stricter environmental rules was published by EurActiv on 26th February. The European Parliament’s environment committee has called on the European Commission to distribute lists of member states that fail to properly implement EU legislation on waste, water and nature protection, arguing that the situation had become “absurd”. The whole debate on implementing… » read more

Less than two months after the Copenhagen Climate Conference Congress the US Administration has taken three major decisions on its future energy policy: • A 10 percent increase of its nuclear capacity President Obama has signed an $ 8 billion loan guarantee for the first two new nuclear reactors to be built in 30 years.… » read more

The most recent FAO report on the “State of Food and Agriculture” contains a comprehensive analysis of the profound changes that have taken place in the livestock sector during the past 30 years. These transformations have outpaced the capacity of governments and societies to provide the necessary policy and regulatory framework to ensure an appropriate… » read more

The international community has failed to address climate change. And there is no prospect for it being more successful in the near future. Nobody expects the ministerial meeting (COP 16) scheduled for the end of the year in Cancun to lead to a substantive breakthrough. The time has come for a more thorough reflection on… » read more

This year, the Forum for Agriculture FFA2010 adds another column to its event: the Student Forum. Students from leading schools across Europe are invited to join the FFA2010 with their own panel of renowned experts from the Forum. Pressing issues for the farmers and policy makers of tomorrow include: Farm productivity & competitiveness… Climate change…… » read more

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