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In early September, the UN Secretary-General has given the alarm signal by urging all governments to accelerate preparations for finalising the KYOTO successor agreement before the end of 2009. He has called upon them to engage in substantive talks at the next preparatory conference in Poznan in December 2008. Despite a massive input of manpower… » read more

The CNN World Report* has just highlighted just how relevant and timely the Electra report** ‘Twenty solutions for growth and investment to 2020 and beyond’ is to helping achieve the European Union’s climate change objectives. Authored by a mixed European Commission and industry group co-chaired by European Commission Vice President Günter Verheugen and former Orgalime… » read more

Obama needs a new Dream

I sincerely hope Barack Obama will become the next US President but his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention last night did not convince me that he will be the One solving our global climate and energy crisis. Obama’s keynote address was big on changing the political culture in Washington and rescuing the American Dream… » read more

Scientists have been warning us for the past 20 years about the consequences of rising temperatures for the earth’s biosphere, forecasting increasing loss of biodiversity, more frequent epidemics, hurricanes and droughts. So far with little avail! Humanity continues business as usual, brushing aside local or regional disasters as the unavoidable by-effects of “economic development” that… » read more

Of all the signatory countries of the Kyoto Protocol (1997) Canada deserves the worst rating. Its per capita C02 emissions are close to 20 to, higher than in any country except USA, Kuwait and Qatar. Instead of reducing its emissions by 5 percent over 1990, as it committed to, its C02 emissions have soared by… » read more

Contrary to global warming which is barely an issue in the presidential campaign, energy policy and the dream of weaning America off its “addiction” to foreign oil has become one of the main battlegrounds between candidates Obama and McCain. But do they really understand what is at stake? High oil prices and a 4 dollar… » read more

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