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Sir, Regarding ‘Spain’s renewables boom seen driving gas capacity‘: The various statements heard during recent weeks by the Spanish transmission system operators for electricity (REE) and gas respectively (Enagas) that Spain would still need to further increase its combined cycle power plants as back-up power for the safe integration of large amounts of wind power… » read more

As of January 1st, the new Brazilian climate legislation (“National Policy on Climate Change Act”) has entered into force. It fixes ambitious targets. By 2020 green house gas emissions should be 39 percent lower than “business as usual”, which should bring back Brazil‘s emissions back to 1994 levels. To reach this objective, Brazil must first… » read more

As of January 1, 2010, France was supposed to have launched its ecological tax reform, under which fossil energy would be taxed at increasingly higher rates and taxes on income and would be lowered correspondingly. On December 27th, the Conseil d`Etat has, however, declared the envisaged legislation as unconstitutional, on the grounds that it contained… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Algae: The ultimate biofuel‘: Because microalgae can, in principle, be easily and quickly propagated, these organisms have been the focus of applied research investigating the generation of valuable biomass. Decisive factors in the rising intersts for algae include its ability to accommodate large quantities of lipids under certain circumstances, and the possibility to… » read more

A truly fascinating session in the COP15 Bella Centre was staged by The Club of Madrid earlier today. As an organisation with a small galaxy of former heads of government as members, they bring significant experience, knowledge, influence and respect to an event. They didn’t let us down today. Broadly, their position can be summarised… » read more

The following interview was published on Moday 14th December by EurActiv.com. The United States succeeded in bringing people to the moon: a dream that nobody thought would be realised. Perhaps we should think of climate protection as the new Apollo programme, the vice-chair of the European Parliament’s delegation in Copenhagen, Karl-Heinz Florenz, told EurActiv in […]

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