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Last week, some of our colleagues participated at GeoPower Europe 2009 Conference in Munich in Germany (more general facts on this link). We would like to share some personal observations and remarks: The price of ultra deep drilling as well as risks linked to Enhanced Geothermal Systems are two main obstacles of geothermal energy expansion,… » read more

Insufficient Copenhagen reduction pledges a danger for the planet In view of to containing the rise of global temperaturesglobal temperatures and climate change within acceptable limits of maximum 2 centigrade humanity will have to reduce its green house gas emissions by half before 2050; and the developed countries must bear the major burden of this… » read more

Maybe you know quite useful online utility „Google Insights“. Thanks to this service, provided under cloud computing, you can compare search volume patterns across specific properties. We looked closer at demand for keywords „geothermal“, „solar“ as well as „wind“ (among searches via Google). We compared just searches linked to industry and this made us to… » read more

Club de Madrid Members Mary Robinson and Gro Harlem Brundtland, joined by Margot Walstrom, concluded a very successful two day Road To Copenhagen conference today. The initiative, held simultaneously during the first two days of UN climate deliberations in Copenhagen, explored the necessary drivers for ensuring a Copenhagen climate change agreement based on climate justice:… » read more

While delegates from all corners of the world participate UNFCCC climate negotiations in Copenhagen (COP15) and these days they try to find a way how to tackle CO2 emissions, under their feet lies the clean energy source that could cover the total demand for electricity and heat in Denmark, EurActiv.sk informs. An extensive geological exploration… » read more

We recently spent an extended weekend in beautiful bourgs within easy driving distance of Brussels: Freiburg, Germany; Strasbourg, France; and Luxembourg (capital and country of same name). For climate change negotiators in Copenhagen, a visit to these three cities near the Rhine and the Moselle rivers could help point the way to a […]

Geothermal energy is about to be more visible in circles of European Commission since now. On 2nd December 2009 the European Technology Platform „GEOELEC – Geothermal Electricity“ had been established. This step was made in Munich, beside the Geothermal Energy Conference „GeoPower Europe“, organized by EGEC (European Geothermal Council). We are proud to write that… » read more

The 12th China-EU summit unusually took place, not in Beijing but in Nanjing, on 30 November. The Chinese delegation was led by Premier Wen Jiabao; the EU by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt of Sweden, President of the European Council and Commission President, José Manuel Barroso. Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner also attended. The atmosphere was overall friendly but… » read more

The international discussion on climate change policy has unduly focused on alternatives to fossil energies. As wind, solar, biomass, heat pumps geothermal etc continue to be substantially more expensive than oil or coal, politicians have been made to believe that fighting climate change is an expensive undertaking. Whatever the outcome from Copenhagen the priority for… » read more

The following article about the start of the negotiations in Copenhagen was published by EurActiv.com on Monday 7th December. Long-awaited international talks kick off today (7 December) in Copenhagen, with negotiators from 192 countries meeting to hammer out a successor to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on climate change. After some hesitation, US President Barack Obama,… » read more

The recent deal agreement between EON, the biggest European power utility and Abengoa Solar, a the leading Spanish solar solar power companypower generator, for the to jointly construction and operation of build and operate two 50 MW solar thermal (CST) power plants stations in Seville underlinessymbolises important the major changes under way in European power… » read more

10 days before the start of the Copenhagen climate negotiations the outcome seems slightly more open than a few weeks ago. · The scientific community has just in time presented new evidence about the extremely risky acceleration of climate change, thereby putting negotiators under heavy pressure to come to substantive agreement now, rather than […]

The following post was submitted to Blogactiv by Kriton Arsenis MEP, member of the environment and fisheries committees, substitute on the development committe: The leaders of the planet gather to decide upon humanity’s future this December in Copenhagen. After the nuclear threat of the Cold War it is the first time that the very existence… » read more

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