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Thinking beyond Cancun

There is agreement today that the next climate Conference scheduled for December in Cancun will not achieve a comprehensive agreement for global emission cuts and adaptation measures. The time for preparation is far too short; the US Congress is unlikely to have passed a convincing energy and climate act before mid-term elections November 4th; and… » read more

China and USA account for one third of global green house gas emissions. The international community is therefore largely ineffective without these two giant emitter countries taking more effective action, and doing so without delay. The prospects do not look encouraging, despite a few hopeful signals sent out recently. The USA seems incapable of reducing… » read more

Climate change and lung cancer have one thing in common: Both are due to addiction. The climate changes because humanity has got addicted to burning coal, oil and gas, using cars, electricity, aircraft etc. Similarly dung cancer is mostly the consequence of individuals being addict to smoking. Both processes are slow-moving and not externally visible… » read more

The EU Climate Package Advances

The EP Industry Committee has voted to two major components of the Commission proposals for implementing the EU climate targets for 2020, 20 percent C02 reduction, 20 percent increase in energy efficiency and a share of 20 percent of renewable energy in total energy consumption. Last week the Committee has pleaded against a 10 percent… » read more

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