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An EU C02 Tax?

The EU Commission is rediscovering a very old acquaintance: an EU C02 tax. 20 years ago it has been the starting point for European climate policy. But the Commission proposal in the early 1990s failed to rally the necessary unanimity of the 12 member states that made up the Union at that time. This led… » read more

Since May 12, 2010 a new draft for an American Power Act is on the table. Senators Kerry and Liebermann have submitted a 1000 page (!) compromise proposal after a previous trilateral effort could not make the way to the Senator Floor because of party controversy concerning the priority to be attributed to immigration over… » read more

For the first time in history the European Air Space has been closed. For five days essentially all air traffic had come to a halt. Seven million air travellers – tourists, air commuters, officials, businessmen and even statesmen – could not reach their destinations by using aircraft, the fastest, cheapest and often the most convenient… » read more

After being in place for almost three years the Union for the MED, invented by President Sarkozy to intensify the cooperation around the Mediterranean, has not been able to produce any visible results except putting in place a Secretariat in Barcelona and organise ministerial and official meetings. Energy and water were supposed to be among… » read more

Climate change now ranks only third amongst the issues that Europeans consider to be the world’s most serious problem. The most serious global Issue is seen as ‘poverty, the lack of food and drinking water’ with the global economic downturn now ranking second. The Eurobarometer survey of Europeans’ attitudes towards climate change showed that in… » read more

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