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The EU Commission wants the EU to reduce C02 emissions beyond the 20 percent over 1990 defined so far as the EU target for 2020, but without reciprocity from other industrialised countries, which it had asked for until now. Four main reasons would militate in favour of a more ambitious approach: • Higher oil and… » read more

Back At Work!

After roughly a month’s break I shall shortly be back at work in Brussels in a new job with the WWF European Policy team. My main task is to coordinate various initiatives that lead to CO2 emission perfomace standards (EPS) being included in the Union’s new Industrial Emissions (IPPC) framework law (either by way of… » read more

Article in The (London) Times, 11 February 2009. “National Grid is drawing up plans for a new business unit that will pipe carbon dioxide emissions from UK power stations for storage in geological formations beneath the North Sea, The Times has learnt. National Grid believes the business, dubbed National Grid Carbon, can play a major… » read more


Here’s ’something for the weekend’: www.coalfinger.com Original post by markjohnston

After EU policymakers’ disenchantment with biofuels (see EurActiv: MEPs seek reduced biofuel commitments), it is time to find the new “silver bullet” to tackle the climate and energy crisis. During two conferences held in Brussels this week, lobbyists for carbon capture and storage (CCS) pulled out all the stops to convince us that governments should… » read more

Jeremy Bentham and Jeroen Van de Veer presented Shell’s latest scenarios Scramble and Blueprints to Brussels policymakers on 7 April. Their visions for the future look pretty grim although they were not very upfront about it and their plea for big government hand-outs for carbon capture and storage raises a lot of questions. The scenarios… » read more

The Wall Street Journal reported today that three of the biggest US investment banks are getting cold feet about financing new coal power plants as they expect US policy-makers to introduce a carbon capture-and-trade system in the future. The environmental standards which the three banks will lay down could mean that coal plants without carbon… » read more

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