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PR challenges in a changing EU

“Accuracy, Authenticity and Interest” was the slogan of Ivy Lee, one of the founding fathers of public relations, creator of the press release and pioneer in the field of crisis communications. Almost 100 years later, this slogan remains at the core of sustainable public relations. Though it takes long years to be built, an organizations’… » read more

  Before you obsess over your next analytics report, read the recent article by Ev Williams (Twitter and Medium cofounder) on measuring what matters. William’s article was prompted by the infantile way otherwise supposedly intelligent people (venture capitalists, Wall St analysts, tech & business journalists…) measure the value of companies like Twitter and Instagram: we… » read more

Les médias sont soumis à un « cadre juridique inadapté et à des pressions politiques » en Hongrie qui connait également une poussée préoccupante du racisme et de l’intolérance, critique le rapport du Conseil de l’Europe rendu public le 16 décembre dernier. La Hongrie devrait mieux garantir la liberté des média et la discrimination endémique… » read more

Wow. Has it come to this?

Is primetime TV advertising the right way to connect citizens to the EU? Last week I saw and commented on an interesting blog post by Iveta Kazoka exploring one of the ‘broken channels’ which are supposed to link interested citizens to EU decision-making: “The report uncovered an uncomfortable truth: few civic society organisations are capable… » read more

Due to the complexity of the EU institutions and its mechanisms, visibility and branding are a priority for European Federations, especially if they have an operational office in Brussels. I already touched upon EU federations more generally in earlier posts, but in this post I will go more in-depth regarding branding. EU federations need more… » read more

Brussels hosts more than 100.000 persons working in EU affairs. Only 50% of the jobs are to be found in the EU institutions. The other 50.000 EU actors work at industry federations, consultancies, media, corporate organisations, non-profit organizations, think tanks, region and city representations. The objective of these entities is to advocate and communicate their… » read more

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