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Mathew’s great post about Mediacafé – Europe: no medium, no message?, picks up on the phrase (Mathew’s emphasis) “The production of qualitative EU coverage should be incorporated in the charters of public broadcasters and it should be supervised as well.” As Mathew sums up: “State-coerced, force-fed media should not be what Europe is about.” An… » read more

AFP was awarded a major contract last week to provide EBS with coverage of “the movements and activities of members of the European institutions in most regions of the world” and “establish image banks illustrating the themes of major importance to the commission, the parliament and the Council of Europe.” Er, sorry guys, but that… » read more

European Parliament Vice-President Diana Wallis yesterday (15 September) welcomed an announcement by the Council that it will “review” plans to draw up a common lobby register for all three European institutions. “If this materialises, it will represent a welcome evolution in the Council’s position,” said Wallis (click here to read more). Talks on establishing a… » read more

This story about European Commission plans for a communications revolution was published by EurActiv on 30th August 2010. The European Commission’s communication strategy is undergoing structural change in a re-branding centred on President José Manuel Barroso, increased centralisation of public communications, a new organisational chart and a key reshuffle of top officials, a person close… » read more

This article has been sent to Blogactiv by Dr Dan Luca, expert in EU Communication Techniques. Successful European integration requires more than the implementation of efficient institutions and the harmonization of national and European policy making. It also involves processes of communication and the appearance of public sphere that allows citizens to get involved in… » read more

Some EU bloggers, from time to time, tend to promote the use of Web 2.0 tools – social media – to develop a so-called European online public space. They will certainly recognize themselves. Actually, they are easily recognizable for using that kind of expressions which I extracted directly from the Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator: “post… » read more

This story about EU telecoms ministers was published by EurActiv on 28th May 2010. A code of rights will be discussed at the next EU Telecoms Council scheduled for Monday (31 May), as ministers will consider introducing pan-European rules to protect users of electronic communications from expensive bills. But no formal debate will take place… » read more

I came across this absolutely cool new campaign by Intel branding the company as “sponsors of the future”. Designed by the Ad agency Venbables Bell & Partners it’s making rockstars out of scientists (”Your rockstars aren’t like our rockstars”). Check the video on you tube, it is so much fun – showing the way in… » read more

I have just stumbled on article of the French newspaper Le Figaro titled “Le marketing viral des souverainistes sur la Toile“. The journalist, Samuel Laurent, analyzes the different means by which Libertas spread efficiently its message through the strategic use of social media. In particular, they use videos that match a great success thanks to… » read more

Today Charles Leadbeater, author of “We-Think – Mass innovation, not mass production”, kicked off the Lisbon Council’s Innovation Day 2008, a high-level debating and networking event that took place in Brussels. Leadbetter’s bestselling book is a guide to the brave new world of internet-based innovation. Check out this link for a cute little video-summary of… » read more

Just came back from the INTERREG IVC Forum in Lille. The immense and increasing popularity of this funding mechanism for interregional cooperation was graphically demonstrated by the first call of this programme, resulting in piles of project applications. More than 400 applications mobilising nearly 5000 actors across Europe were received and the programme Secretariat in… » read more

Thank god it’s Friday and the Open Days are over. But I don’t want to go into the weekend before having posted my report on our great Web 2.0. and Knowledge Management seminar yesterday. I start with the bad news: Those who were not there missed a great seminar, some excellent speakers and a really… » read more

Communicating the EU

I would like to share a great website with you: www.zealanddenmark.eu This is the new website of Zealand region’s EU office. They employ a full time journalist to write jargon free articles about the EU. The articles are provided free of charge to regional and local newspapers. I was tole that they are also […]… » read more

EU domain names for sale

Brusselsblogger’s sister blog “Brusselsmedia” today features a post about an auction of EU domain names. If you are in EU communications or just responsible for an EU project you might want to check it out. Original post by brusselsblogger

Hello everyone, my name is Chiara,i’m 18 and i’m italian. i would suggest to all the webmasters of the european portals to send e-mails with informations about the European Parliament,about the international camps,about the information which is SO POOR!! I discovered this site casually,and i think it’s soo bad.You should send an e-mail in every… » read more

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