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More than one social media observer has taken their time to react to the latest Edelman Trust Barometer’s statistic that “people like me” has taken a tumble. What does it mean for EU communications? For those confused by the first sentence, let me explain that for many people involved in the early days of social… » read more

The Chinese authorities permitted the domestic and foreign media to go to Urumqi, immediately after the recent riots, whereas journalists were banned from Tibet after the riots in Lhasa in March 2009. There are apparently differing views within the leadership. The unity of China is an ongoing preoccupation of its leadership. There is a fear… » read more

President Obama in speech after speech during his recent overseas visits has been hammering on the dual themes of arresting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and also advocating, as an eventual but nonetheless desirable objective, the reduction, deactivation – and eventually total elimination – of nuclear arsenals around the planet. Nuclear weapons were… » read more

Zhe Song, China’s main man in the EU, is every bit the modern Chinese diplomat: he knows the official line inside out and offers polite frustration in the face of what he sees as the West’s frequent misunderstanding of China. But he’s pragmatic and outward-looking; he talks of progress and consensus-building. Indeed, as evidenced by… » read more

Reflections on the cinematographic work of George Drivas By Alexandros Yannis, Associate Professor at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Boston, USA. Globalisation, our planet being increasingly interactive and borderless, is both a liberating and a tyrannical experience. It is a spectacular story of the human ability to gain freedom and to loose it… » read more

2008 Weblog Awards

The annual internet voting for one of the biggest international blog awards, the 2008 Weblog Award is on. There are many categories, and I have found some nice hidden gems, like the practical Science Text in the hidden gem category. From the Central European Blogactiv blogroll there is one blog which is a finalists, so… » read more

My blog is overrun by spammer from time to time. Placing unwanted comments in blogs seems to be a weekend by-job as I get the most attacks on Saturdays. Contrary to common belief, most of them span comes from West to East within, not the other way around. Globally the Eat Coast of the United… » read more

The European Journalism Centre is launching a European blogging contest for bloggers, journalists and journalism students which will run throughout the official European Parliament campaign season. This an ideal contest for blogactiv.eu bloggers, or a great opportunity to start a new blog. There are a number of nice prizes to win, but probably the most… » read more

People know little about the European project. Only an ambitious and comprehensive approach can remedy this shortcoming. People should – even superficially – be aware of the whereabouts of the European project and the numerous benefits it generates. When European decisions are to be taken options should feed the public debate. European political parties shall… » read more

How are we supposed to speak with one voice if we don’t share an eye? Or necessarily not even the same information. The public debate is shaped by the media. So European media would contribute largely to the formation of a European viewpoint. A European newspaper or European TV station would speak out for European… » read more

New EU-TV- Channel

One reason, why EU citizens haven´t developed a common society and collective memory is the dominant position of national media. The need for a single media source available for all citizens at the same time would enhance an EU wide common knowledge. Therefore, the creation of an EU TV channel seems overdue. Daily news, and… » read more

Pan-European Mass Media

Mass Media are powerful tools to create a community and society consciousness. As such, there is a very important need to promote the development of new Pan-European media that truly portrays the impact of EU legislation and decision on all country members. That, and not just a mere translation of news, could help people from… » read more

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