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Do you have control to what politicians put in your mouth? Some 70,000 horses disappeared in Northern Ireland alone to the apparent consternation of authorities. They may have ended up in your lunch as Horse Lasagna. What mischief happens in the UK, Romania, France, a dozen other countries and all the many labeling stations in-between… » read more

by Glenis Willmott MEP Member of the EP Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety It is scandalous that leading food manufacturers and retailers have been selling us food containing horsemeat without our knowledge. As the affected meat had travelled around various EU countries before reaching the UK, and sixteen different EU countries… » read more

The Commission’s Second Report concerning the application of the Directive on injunctions for the protection of consumers’ interest was recently published. While the publication of the report went rather unnoticed it does merit a short comment for the following reason. The report well illustrates how the Commission’s general policy is developing with regard to consumer… » read more

Good Book Bad Pharma

At a recent lunch in the European Parliament I met a hero of mine, Dr Ben Goldacre, author of Bad Pharma, a great book on science and medicine in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a worthy follow-up to his earlier best seller Bad Science, also a favorite of mine. “Bad Pharma” is not anti-industry but… » read more

Imagine a researcher inventing technology that would halve the cost of manufacturing an automobile their contribution to growth and competitiveness would probably win unanimous support. Now let’s suppose that an entrepreneur achieves this same result by importing some parts for this automobile. The odds are that many would condemn him for not buying from local… » read more

The last couple of weeks have been improbably eventful and positive in Brussels on an issue notorious for moving slowly, if at all. 1. The Cloud strategy released on 27 September under the propitious title “Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe” combines a visionary layout of a successful migration to the cloud with… » read more

BOOZE price hikes to combat alcohol abuse would be illegal, according to a top EU official. The SNP’s flagship policy to introduce minimum pricing was passed by Holyrood earlier this year, but needed the stamp of approval from the European Commission. Now commission vice president Antonio Tajani has turned his back on the plans, adding… » read more

When we talk about renewable energy sources (RES), we define them as replenishable energy sources freely available by nature, such as solar energy – solar energy facts, wind energy, biomass/biofuel energy, water energy and geothermal energy. To exploit renewable energy sources and be able to use them as an alternative source to the finite energy… » read more

MINIMUM pricing plans for booze have come under fire from the Bulgarian Government. The 50p minimum unit price for alcohol was passed by MSPs in Holyrood earlier this year. But the Bulgarian Government has objected to the European Commission about the plans, which are expected to be given the go-ahead this month.   The Bulgarian… » read more

More experts are questioning the practice of screening in particular cases – the testing of apparently healthy populations for underlying risk factors or undiagnosed conditions, such as some cancers, with a view to prevention or early treatment. Supporters of screening sometimes respond to their critics with more heat than light, but I don’t know who… » read more

In an unusual move the European Medicines Agency has criticised the Roche pharmaceutical company for not analysing and reporting on over 100 000 suspected adverse drug reactions in the US and elsewhere. About 80 000 reports from a company sponsored “patient support programme” were not evaluated. These included 15,161 reports of deaths, but it is… » read more

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