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NOTICE: This article was prepared for and published in Connection Magazine (11/2008) of The American Chamber of Commerce in The Slovak Republic. Information and the context published in article is relevant for time period to November 2008. Since that time, a few fundamental things have happened: for instance, The Implementation Authority for OPIS has published… » read more

Aspects of UK pesticides policy in the UK will require reconsideration after Mr Justice Collins allowed an application in the High Court from campaigner Georgina Downs for a review of current policy. She has argued that exposure to crop chemicals caused illness. The judge said: ‘I recognise that it is not easy to attribute a… » read more

After Senator of Illinois, Mr. Barack Obama has become US president-elect, many European leaders expressed their high expectations immediately. Very shortly, there have been much said about multilateral approach and mutual cooperation in areas of international politics, security threats or climate change. On the other hand, some facts suggest that even with Obama, EU could… » read more

EurActiv.sk, Slovak member of EurActiv cross-lingual network, celebrates for the second time in September: On 2nd September we congratulated ourselves for being on-line since 5 year. Today (26th Sept), we published 10 thousandth article. Its author is our editor-in-chief, Mr. Radovan Geist, co-founder and co-owner. Congratulation! Except this fact, EurActiv.sk has published 1,403 analyses, 199… » read more

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