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About a thousand supporters of the far-right Jobbik party have participated in a peaceful march on the 90th anniversary of Horthy’s takeover in Hungary. Hungary has no real historical anti-Nazi and anti-Communist hero. That gives a little credit to the old man who had successfully beaten a Soviet uprising 90 years ago. However, it would… » read more

It is a very cold winter in Central Europe and New Year’s Eve has a traditional ceremony. Russia cuts off the gas supplies, Ukraine says it is not taking away anything from what amount transported through her territory to European buyers and the EU is trying to help striking a new price deal. When I… » read more

‘Navigate by European Union Member States‘ is an online interactive map allowing you to browse Blogactiv bloggers articles by all European Union Member States (plus European countries). This interactive map of Europe has been made to improve the usability on Blogactiv. Thus, you can browse blog political headlines quickly and easily by European Union Member… » read more

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