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We’re all Europeans now!

We’re all Europeans now! At least when it comes to the Ryder Cup – the biennial golf competition between the United States and Europe. The European team triumphed on the final day by a nail-biting 14½ points to 13½ . Spot the flags in the victory picture! And note José Manuel Barroso’s proud message of… » read more

A relay race

“High culture is nothing but a child of that European perversion called history, the obsession we have with going forward, with considering the sequence of generations a relay race in which everyone surpasses his predecessor, only to be surpassed by his successor. Without this relay race called history there would be no European art and… » read more

Amid fierce competition with foreign hypermarkets during the economic slowdown, a local Samchuk Market in Supanburi province stands out with thousands of tourists coming every day. What is the secret behind its success? Thai News Agency has this report. ‘Samchuk Market’ or ‘Hundred-year-old Market’ is exactly as the name suggests: the atmosphere makes visitors feel… » read more

The design characteristics of Chinese Buddhist temples traditionally stress peace, tranquility, and nirvana. The architectural styles employed therefore often tend to be quite plain, giving visitors a feeling of serenity. However, Phra Kanajanjin Dhamma Punya Jariyaporn, vice patriarch of the Leng Nua Yee Buddhist sect in Bangkok’s Chinatown district of Yaowarat, says that since Wat… » read more

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