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Complicating Cyprus

The election of Derviş Eroğlu as president in northern Cyprus complicates Turkey’s EU accession negotiations, as well as the already thorny negotiations over the island republic’s reunification, Robert M Cutler writes for ISN Security Watch. Derviş Eroğlu, who became prime minister in northern Cyprus in 2009, won 50.4 percent of the vote […]

After almost two years of negotiations between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots for the resolution of the Cyprus issue, it looks that, for the first time, a series of emerging catalysts contribute to the materialisation of another, lifetime opportunity. Change of Turkish policy In recent months, Turkish policy towards the Cyprus issue has become considerably… » read more

An extraordinary exposure of the debacle into which the European Union, United Nations and Cyprus have fallen was revealed by the president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Mehmet Ali Talat. While in Brussels, at a meeting of the European Policy Centre, he described the latest round of talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.… » read more

Turkey’s Cyprus Problem

Sir, Regarding ‘Ambassador: ‘Turkey punished over Cyprus’‘: In his interview with EurActiv Germany, Turkish Ambassador Ahmet Acet claimed that the freezing of a number of chapters in his country’s EU negotiations because of the Cyprus problem “is not fair”; that “elements which have nothing to do with the negotiations [i.e. the Cyprus problem] have been… » read more

Intensive talks on the unity of Cyprus are underway again. At the eastern end of the Mediterranean, the island of Cyprus presents an enigma to other Europeans. Firstly it is a witness against today’s politicians. Why could they too not make war ‘not only unthinkable but materially impossible’ — as Robert Schuman said he would… » read more

With the looming European Council Summit next week, there is great discussion about the prospects of EU-Turkey relations and the role of Cyprus issue in this context. More than ever before, a great balancing act from the part of EU is needed. The central role of Turkey-EU relations within the Cyprus issue has been clear.… » read more

In the rise of the new millennium, EU managed to significantly affect the identity dynamics of the Turkish Cypriot community. People who for years supported the status quo of division, embraced the combined notions of Cypriotness and Europeaness as they hoped for their way out of international isolation through their participation in a common Cypriot… » read more

The ECJ’s Judgment in Apostolides v. Orams encompasses a dual significance. On the one hand it extends jurisprudence on the interpretation of pivotal provisions of Regulation 44/2001, which are essential to the proper application of the European regime of ‘conflict of laws’, while on the other hand it also sheds generous light over the application… » read more

Let us identify the main protagonists: an island divided in two parts since 1974; a Member State unable to exercise control over a considerable part of its territory in the north part of the island; a candidate country occupying that territory; a self-proclaimed state in that territory recognised only by the candidate country; the Union… » read more

Scientists have been warning us for the past 20 years about the consequences of rising temperatures for the earth’s biosphere, forecasting increasing loss of biodiversity, more frequent epidemics, hurricanes and droughts. So far with little avail! Humanity continues business as usual, brushing aside local or regional disasters as the unavoidable by-effects of “economic development” that… » read more

I find it very alarming that some people think that the Kosovo criss could be frozen like the division of Cyprus and postponed for later decades or generations. Just look at the per head gross income in Greece, Turkey, and the divided Cyprus: Greece: […] Original post by ANTAL Daniel

Income and happiness

According to a survey conducted by TÁRKI in the European Social Survey Bulgarians, Hungarians and Russians are the least happy with their lives among 19 European nations. It looks that income is very strongly related how happy Europeans feel. The upper map shows how happy people feel in general about their personal lives, while the… » read more

Central and Eastern Europe are full with arguments about how many and what kind of precedents the secession of Kosovo mean for the international community. International relations need precedents, because agreements are slow to take shape, and there are no permanent global institutions to enforce them. In the Kosovo crisis a positive and successful precedent… » read more

BLOGACTIV CYPRUS Congratulations President Christofias! The easy part is over. Now you have to face the difficult, very difficult, part. A huge weight rests on your shoulders as another failure to settle the inter-communal dispute will surely be the end of the reunification story. “The Annan Plan is dead: Long Live the Annan […] Original… » read more

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