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In my previous post dedicated to the debate at the House of Commons I did not make mention of Dr Fox statement on French nuclear assets. Saying that “We must also remember that France itself co-operates very closely on nuclear issues with the United States. The United States, France and the United Kingdom form the… » read more

The Spanish digital review Atenea published on 3rd November an article written by Alfredo Crespo Alcázar and titled “La economía: factor determinante en la politica de defensa de David Cameron“. According to this website, Mr Crespo Alcázar’s book “David Cameron: tras la senda de Churchill y Thatcher” should be available from next December on (this… » read more

The European Union Institute for Security Studies has just released a report titled “What do Europeans want from NATO?”. As usual for productions published under the umbrella of this institute, it is worth reading this new document, and even if I do not totally agree with some of the points, the different articles are really… » read more

Since the very beginning of operations in Afghanistan, exactly 2002 for the German Police Project, Germany has been training the Afghan Police as a contribution to the reconstruction of the state of law. However, times are becoming harder for the German Police. Die Zeit, the German weekly newspaper of reference, has published on 5th September… » read more

In the 90’s, along with German reunification and the upheaval of Eastern Europe map, France, Germany and Poland set up an informal forum, named the Triangle of Weimar. This forum stills exists, even if more or less on decline, and covers many fields of tri-lateral cooperation, including defence. Initially, this cooperation could have become to… » read more

Last weekend, a friend sent me an e-mail informing me about the latest Iranian weapon, namely the Karrar combat UAV. Having watched the video, I could easily guess that this so-called UAV looks like much more a poor quality copy of WW2 German V1, than a XXI century product. The bomb placed […]

Some months ago I read an article written by J-P Maulny, deputy chairman of a French think tank (IRIS). The title, rather provocative, was: European Defence is dead, who has killed it? According to Mr Maulny, France and the UK are convicted having killed European Defence, while the USA are suspected having inflicted […]

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