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While delegates from all corners of the world participate UNFCCC climate negotiations in Copenhagen (COP15) and these days they try to find a way how to tackle CO2 emissions, under their feet lies the clean energy source that could cover the total demand for electricity and heat in Denmark, EurActiv.sk informs. An extensive geological exploration… » read more

Thanks to the Euro, members of the Euro-zone have been able to weather the international financial crisis much better than those outside the euro-zone. Hungary and UK, not to mention Iceland, have seen their currencies coming under pressure for devaluation, as they lacked the solidity and solidarity of the single currency. It is therefore […]… » read more

In early September, the UN Secretary-General has given the alarm signal by urging all governments to accelerate preparations for finalising the KYOTO successor agreement before the end of 2009. He has called upon them to engage in substantive talks at the next preparatory conference in Poznan in December 2008. Despite a massive input of manpower… » read more

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