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WordPress 3.0 Thelonious passed 3 million downloads yesterday, and today the plugin directory followed suit with a milestone of its own: 100 million downloads. The WordPress community’s growth over the years has been tremendous, and we want to reinvest in it. So we’re taking the next two months to concentrate on improving WordPress.org. A major… » read more

This forum was held in Hangzhou, from 8 to 10 November 2009, organized by the Europe Research Centre of Zhejiang University and sponsored by the Hangzhou municipality. This was an impressive, demonstrating a clear desire by the municipality to improve the quality of life, which is already comparatively high in Zhejiang province. Hangzhou exudes entrepreneurialism,… » read more

Next Wednesday, June 10th, is the target date for the release of WordPress 2.8. Tickets against the 2.8 milestone that are not blockers will be postponed to another release. WP 2.9 will require MySQL 4.1.2 or greater. This is raised from the current requirement of 4.0. Checks will be added to the automatic upgrader that… » read more

Le Réseau Éducatif Euro-Arabe Zénith est un dispositif européen pilote et une œuvre pédagogique et stratégique. Par une éducation plurielle et durable, il devra exploiter les opportunités offertes ou à explorer pour répondre aux enjeux actuels et à venir. En conformité avec les orientations et l’éthique éducatives en Europe, le réseau Zénith vise à enrichir… » read more

In a world where China, India, Brazil and other countries are developing at break-neck speed, Europe must value and safeguard its cultural heritage treasures as a most valuable asset. No longer only lands were manufactured goods can be made at lower cost, these countries are increasingly becoming centres of excellence in design, culture, innovation and… » read more

Do we need a European cultural institute (similar to the German Goethe-Institut?) We believe: we do not need it. We should rather call for an “Institute for World Civilization” as proposed by Bazon Brock at our 2nd Berlin Conference “A Soul for Europe” 2006. The proposal is based on the idea that Europe’s greatest cultural… » read more

The European Community began as an economic community whose cause was, all the same, common values, the European cultural community and historical experiences; yet it also involved all the infringements of those common values. Outwardly, the EU is characterised as an economic and regulation community; it has lost the breath it had at the outset.… » read more

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